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  • Timothy Walker - Not Just Another Atheist BookThose expecting Sam Harris' latest work to be another anti-religious screed are sure to be disappointed. While he still has his moments, it appears that this Horseman has ridden on to more interesting territory with this enjoyable philosophical treatise.

    The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values is an attack on moral relativism from a pragmatic and rational perspective, arguing that "there are right and wrong answers to moral questions... and such answers may one day fall within reach of the maturing sciences of mind". The author's intention is clearly to advocate his position, not merely to ridicule the views of others (except, perhaps, Francis Collins), signs that Sam has matured as a thinker and a writer.

    The author's Buddhist background is evident in this work (if one knows where to look) and I consider this crucial to its proper understanding. Defining "good" and "right" as that which minimizes the suffering of sentient beings gains additional significance when interpreted in this context.

    The academic ethicist might well cringe at Dr. Harris' nebulous "well-being" and presumptuous utilitarianism, but while lacking the rigor of "professional" philosophy his arguments are logically consistent and compelling. Do not mistake the finger pointing at the moon for the moon itself.

    While it is inevitable that many will be offended by it (some without even bothering to read it), I recommend this book to liberal and conservative, believer and non-believer alike. Is not the well-being of humanity our common goal?
  • Tyler Hartman "Thanks, Tyler!" - iPad Mini Review from a non apple fanboy..iPad Mini Review from a non apple fanboy, As the title says! I've used Apple and Android cell phones, tablets, windows and apple Computers and (Linux). I'm very pleased with my purchase of the iPad Mini, It's everything I wanted and nothing I didn't. It's cheaper then the full sized one, it's smaller, it's easy to hold, theres tons of apps like with all iOS Devices, The battery lasts a good amount of time, the screen is very bright, the speakers are well built in ones but at that there very good, I'd recommend buying the Apple smart cover it makes that iPad you bought that much better, I've had it since day one and it's an amazing combo. I'm able to protect it, keep it apple clean and stylish, and it folds into a stand, and it unlocks it and locks it when closed and open. I'm Very happy, also I know it doesn't have a retina display but the picture is still very good, I'm comparing this to the my Previous Kindle fire, I know I know this going to be harsh but the kindle feels like a kids tablet but I guess you get what you pay for I got my kindle fire in 2012 mothers day special for 139.99$ that being said it's quite a bit more for the iPad, i'd rather work more and buy the iPad Mini that's how big of a difference I feel there is.


    I have to say I bought my iPad mini 16GB black from an Third Party eBay seller, because amazons price was higher and that's the only shame in this that amazon almost wants you to buy there tablet and keeps the apple jacked up maybe that isn't the case, but how it looks.
  • Gene Mitchell - Major improvement over windows XPI had to upgrade my OS from XP because of all the issues that seem to have evolved from XP. With XP not being supported any more by Microsoft, the hodge podge of updates and patches just doesn't seem to work anymore. The upgrade went as smooth as expected and I did not lose any data. Windows 8 is very different from any OS I ever used so it will take some getting use to. It seems like the screen handling is set up more like a smart phone and more app driven. There is a tutorial in the help program, I would advise you to read it for some helpful hints. Windows 8 runs much faster so I am very happy about that. I would recommend the upgrade to anyone who is feed up with XP. The price I paid made it well worth it.
  • Mike - Waco, TX - Works PerfectlyI have been using for over a week with no issues. I have used on a new 3.0 usb port with various 3.0 and 2.0 devices connected to the hub, including wireless mouse, with no issues. I have also tried on an older machine with only a 2.0 usb - no issues as well. This product is as advertised so far. I am very pleased.