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  • Thomas Filloramo - A book for all seasons and reasons.Well documented and written. A true treasure of fact that acculatly documents the huge following, impact, and influence Jesus had in his time. Wether you believe or not in GOd made man, you will be astounded by reading about the life and times of the most revered and known of man who ever lived.
  • Rachel L. Steen "Raquelita" - The side few knewFirst, I'd like to stress that this book, just like its title indicates, is not supposed to appeal to the nostalgia-ridden fans and conspiracy theorists that once found common ground on movies like 'JFK.' Seymour Hersh's 'Dark side of Camelot' is indicting as it is jaw-dropping.

    In one of the more revealing accounts, Hersh takes on the task of dispelling the peace-loving, freedom-advocate myth surrounding the J.F. Kennedy cult by confirming a long-held, yet underrated perpective that historical events such as the Cuban Missile crisis were in great part exacerbated by the late president and his brother Robert's domestic political ambitions, even when doing so required using the mafia as a reliable ally for the defense of the 'free world' as depicted by the Kennedys. It was the Kennedys' obsesion to bring Castro down and the urge to appear 'strong of communism' that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war with the prospect of a catastrophic invasion that was planned after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Hersh accounts of US and Soviet generals, CIA officers, and other sources of authority complement this view with chilling details.

    The Vietnam war also had Kennedy's fingerprints all over it, according to Hersh's findings. Kennedy's was as eager as Richard Nixon to continue running the war at the expense of hundreds of thousands of lives when the former approved of Vietnamese strongman Diem's murder, although Kennedy was well aware that Diem and his brother had started backchannel negotiations with the communist and buddhist opposition in South Vietnam to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. At the end, Diem's pro-US rivals in the military took over and resumed the reign of terror and reppression that had been encouraged by Kennedy's most hawkish advisers in the Pentagon.

    The 'Dark side of Camelot' is not only a political indictment of John F. Kennedy, but also an impeachment on utter immorality by a U.S. head of state. In one of at least four main accounts from ex-Secret Service officers, president Kennedy was courted by members of his cabinet with young club girls who were often threatened with lock-ups in asylums if they dared to speak about their sexual anecdotes with president Kennedy and his entourage. Kennedy's promiscuous behavior opened the door for venereal diseases, such as Chlamydia, to haunt him until the day of his death, according to medical records cited by Hersh.

    For revelations like these ones, it is likely that the 'Dark Side of Camelot' be dismissed as a gossip-teller on the sexual life of John F. Kennedy, however, it will prove immensely valuable for those who wish to pursue the trail of elussive puzzle parts that shaped U.S. government policy during some of the most impacting world events of the 20th century
  • Suzanne Berrios - Amazing story!I could not put it down. Even when I wasn't reading I was thinking about this book. A great story about courage and survival. Katniss is truly a girl on fire. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read something different that is suspenseful and unpredictable. I'm am now going to read the next in the series.
  • magikan - this shirt is magicI have just recently moved out, from a spacey fourth room in one of the homogenous suburbs surrounding phoenix, to the bustling streets of tempe, to pursue knowledge at the university. Before acquiring the three wolves, i had been hit twice by cars, women walked right passed me as i asked for directions, and homeless men would literally get down on their knees and bark, growl, and chase after me as i rode by. But since i've placed the shirt into my clothing rotation, ladies flock to sit next to me in class, cars turn off as they approach me, girls walk up to be as i study in the library using orated, lame pick up lines like "is your daddy a baker, cause you have great buns." its freaking awesome! i wear the shirts days in a row, and the ladies don't even care, they love it! they tell me they love my wolfish musk. this shirt has magical properties, did i mention it reduced my heating bill by hundreds? the wolves provide a warmth unlike any other heat experience, thank you The Mountain.