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  • L. S. Lewis - The missing pieceIn my recovery for alcohol and drug addiction, I had hit a wall concerning personal relationships. The insanity continued, I could no longer deny that my way was not working. This book is the perfect guidance material to implement into my current program. How refreshing it was to discover my problems were not unique to me!! The book describes Love Addicts, the book describes me. Thank God for Pia Mellody's motivation to publish.

    Without this book, I'd be lost at sea without a life preserver. With it, there's hope. If you're curious, try it... a little reading never hurt nobody ;)
  • R. Oden - Great upgrade in our Office EnvironmentWe've been using Office 2013 for a few weeks now as we have Software Assurance through Microsoft. There has been a much smaller learning curve to upgrading to 2013 than what we had when we went from Office 2007 to 2010. Our users like the new interface and even though we don't have any tablet "touchscreen" machines in our environment you can tell that Microsoft has made their Office suite touch-friendly. We don't allow are users to sync to the "cloud" but I've been experimenting with this feature since day 1 and am glad I did. I am extremely mobile and save everything in OneNote. Since its on the cloud, I can be on any computer with internet in the world and get instant access to my documents, even on my Android cell phone! This also gives me piece of mind in case my laptop ever gets stolen. I Sync all my PC's weekly to my NAS but syncing to the cloud gives me the re-assurance that my documents are always available when I need them no matter what happens. I do admit that for the retail price of this product I am definably thinking twice about purchasing for my home PC's. I'll most likely go Google Doc's for them.

    If you are determining if you should pay the couple extra bucks between Office 2010 and Office 2013 go with 2013! Its absolutely worth it!
  • Joe C "likes to read" - truth is much stranger then fictionStrange book that seems too way out to be true. Except, these same things are written about in scientific and medical journals. And again, these same stories of hidden agendas come from other writers and other time periods. All of them are saying there is some hidden agenda working for the enslavement or destruction of the human race.
  • Christie Robnett - Fun Game and Fun CharactersThis is my favorite PC card game collection to play. The characters and their comments are fun. There are a lot of card games to choose from. I like this set of games better than the Hoyle card games, although the Reel Deal Card Games does have a few errors in the programming for scoring, but that doesn't matter to me. It happens rarely. Reel Deal challenges you to earn points when you win games, then you can earn music, card backs, environments, etc.