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  • Kenny G - Can't live without it - a great product!Can't live without this anymore. Faster than my computer. I did have to send it back to Samsung the first month I had it, but they repaired it and paid for everything. I think I would buy a repaired unit before buying a new one out of the box. If they repaired it than I know that someone took some extra time checking it out and it probably won't crash again.
  • - ...Excellent book for people traveling to relatively undeveloped countries to help people there. Not the best book for do it yourself medicine unless you will be very far out in the wilderness and have almost no previous nowledge. This books deals with things like basic hygiene, and how to avoid cavities by not eating sugar and instead eating a balanced diet. It can be used by someone who is semi-literate in English.
  • Bill B. "(Term 75)" - Best tablet out there...OK, that is just my opinion, but I certainly feel that way. This is one powerful tablet that was my actual computer when my desktop went down. I did email and internet surfing. Supports the latest WiFi bands and is lightweight and stylish. I love it. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a 10" tablet under the Android OS.
  • Tracy - GETTING IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ALREADY!This is a fantasic book...her writing is easy to read, you can imagine her telling her story. Many school board members, business owners and city officials would benefit from this book to be able to push back on the athiests who are nothing but big fat bullies, trying to make trouble. Dont they have anything better to do with their lives? Anyway, lots of good family stories she shares with us.
  • T. G. Munford - BIC Cristal Pens For Us HensOh my, it's "Cristal," and quite a gem.
    We gals do love a special bling bling,
    as long as it shines without an extra dime
    to spend it on, and have it in our hand.
    And long as our BIC Pen will make us slim
    and thus respond in black,
    to he, who will be much impressed.

    T.G. Munford