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  • Vinkadog - Simple, well thought out.I've been using this calendar for a few years now, and it's really great. Several years ago I saw the Sandra Boynton moms' calendar and didn't care for the cute characters, so I set out to find something else. This calendar suits the same needs with the cute factor.

    -Each month is over two pages.
    -Each day has several faint lines, making it easy to write in several items on one day.
    -The layout is very simple and clean looking (at least before you fill it up with events!).
    -The paper is regular paper (not the glossy kind that many calendars are printed on), so you can erase pencil entries completely.
    -There are several reminders along the sides for tasks to complete that month (inventory pantry, check holiday card list, etc.)--though honestly I don't use them myself.
    -And my favorite--the calendar runs over 17 months, starting in August. So the 2013 calendar goes from August 2012 to December 2013. I love this! Anyone with school-aged children likely starts the new calendar in late summer, not January. Because of this feature I can write out the entire school year in one sitting over the summer instead of filling in a new calendar in December.

    -The paper is on the thin side, and markers bleed through. But I write in pencil anyway, so this isn't a problem for me. Regular ball point pens don't bleed through, though.
  • Debora - Helping your body heal changing the way you eatThis book opened my eyes to the fact that diet alone can heal your body. Now, before considering taking any medication I take a look at natural ways to heal diseases.
    It has some important information not only for those who suffer from Candida but for everybody. It explains the process of digestion and food combining so that you may heal your digestive system. It explain how the body needs to be on an alkaline state, diminishing your chances of developing inflammations and other painful conditions.
    I highly recommend this book for women and men alike who have been struggling with unknown or known pain or diseases. From skin problems, any kind of pain, allergies, fatigue, drowsiness, depression and the list goes on.