Cabinetul Medical EcoParaDiagnostic - Cabinetului Eco-Para-Diagnostic, doctor Carmen Cretu, pentru un diagnostic parazitologic complet si competent.

Country: Europe, RO, Romania

  • "guitarboy1988" - An Essential for Every Rock Enthusiast's collectionThis is a truly great album, though by Pink Floyd standards, I consider it to be their third best (1. Dark Side of the Moon, 2. Wish You Were Here). The reason I rate them ahead of the Wall is because they are musically more interesting. However, what makes The Wall stand out is the lyrics, which take Wish You Were here, and to a certain degree, the Dark Side of the Moon to the back of a tool shed with a big wooden paddle. My first experiences with this album were when I was an infant, and I used to go to sleep listening to this music. I loved it then, and I love it now. The first song, In The Flesh?, starts of with subtlety, until you hear the resounding crash and the first power chord. Then you hear track 2: The Thin Ice, which is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The lyrics are deceptively dark, but the music is just divine. Then we go on to the Another Brick in The Wall Part 1-->The Happiest Days of our Lives-->Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 sequence, which I think is mediocre compared to the rest of the album, though it's probably the most famous work Pink Floyd has done. Then we go on to Mother, which has the best lyrics in the album. After hearing this song, it's easy to realize that Roger Waters, who wrote this album, was a little bit crazy. I probably have to cut short this review, for it would probably end up being too long if I kept going at this rate. My point is this: Buy this album! You will not be disappointed!
  • Mike K - The JJ Abrams Look...I got these frames in black and I'm definitely rocking the JJ.

    They are great looking frames. Classy and classic. If your one to look "neat" (i.e. clean cut hair, facial hair) these are great frames that accentuate the clean lines. The darker your hair, the better these will look on you. I have dark brown hair but can see that if I had darker hair, it would make the glasses pop just a bit more.

    Not to mention, all the rip-off drug store/gas station sunglasses are based on this design. Right down to the 2 little chrome diamonds on the corners. So you'll know and can show that you have the real deal Ray Bans.