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City: 90017 Los Angeles, California

  • A. Kurth "Avid Gamer" - My two centsEverything's pretty much already been said about this game, so I'll just sum up by saying - by know you know that people either love it or hate it. I am among those that love it. It's fantastically fun, and the character classes are interesting and different than any other game I've played. I, unashamed, recommend this game to anyone that reads this review.
  • Linda Borza - Pan-Free BackI can only hope! The book is well written. Excellent historical photo documentation. Logical application of CORRECT POSTURE versus DRUGS & SURGERY. Having the same injury and surgery as Esther, I'm hoping to learn to sit, stand, and walk correctly and "PAIN-FREE!"
  • William Jens Jensen - Peace of mind is pricelessLike most people, I want a security program that I can forget about and just let it work in the background. There are two security suites that I have found that fit that criterion: Kaspersky Pure and BitDefender, both of which I have used in the past couple of years. So why try another brand? Titanium Max Premium offers more than most of the security suites out there. I use a PC for most of my work and play but recently bought a Mac Mini to expand my universe a bit. I was surprised to find a suite for PCs that includes a program to protect a Mac computer. It also includes security for Android mobile devices, but I use an iPhone and iPad, so that doesn't help me.

    The internet security program for PCs installed quickly and effortlessly. Usually, you don't even have to reboot after installation, but I'd recommend doing that anyway (a good practice after installing just about any program). The interface is equally easy to understand and navigate and provides a number of options. The first thing one notices is the security status at the top of the GUI. The options include the usual scan settings, various information windows, and parental control, and adds a blue button that opens security options for mobile devices. Those who use Android devices will find this very useful (Apple's Mobile Me is almost as easy and useful). For non-techies, everything is explained, so it's worth looking under the hood just for the education on how things work. One thing I like is having control over what the program does when threats are detected, since not all "threats" are actually that.

    Titanium Max offers the basic protection of antivirus, anti-malware, and malicious link protection, and beefs up the native Windows firewall. It also protects the programs you install from being altered without your permission. Moreover, it offers to protect your online transactions and even provides protection if your notebook computer is stolen (assuming you have more than one computer with this program installed).

    After installing VMware Fusion 4 (for running Windows 7) on my Mac, I then installed this Titanium software on the Windows partition, which went very smoothly.

    Overall, I highly recommend this suite. Compared to some anti-virus suites, this one is relatively inexpensive, and it could save you a lot more than its price. Peace of mind...priceless.