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  • D. Weed - Beats the competition!I purchased a CanGun1 handle at my local TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) for under $5. It was being marketed under the Valspar trade name.

    This product locks onto the top of a spray can with a solid click and stays locked on until you remove it. The handle is comfortable even for a person with smaller hands. You can pull the trigger with all four fingers, which offers a secure grip and minimizes hand fatigue and pain. It is also designed so us lefties can use it as easily as righties.

    I spray lacquer several times a week from a spray can. It's a painful, tiring chore to press a spray can button for 5-10 minutes at a time with just my index finger. This gadget makes makes a tedious job as pleasant and easy as possible.

    CanGun1 is a MUCH better product compared with the Rust Oleum handles I have tried.
  • "pattikate" - SEIZURE CONTROL on SCD!Our daughter's first seizure came at the age of 17 days. Later we learned she had a congenital brain defect. Various anti-epileptic medications were tried over the next four years. None were successful. One was downright disastrous and caused a dangerous reaction and a nearly fatal status seizure. A new neurologist suggested the Ketogenic diet, which gave us a full year virtually seizure free. The second year of Keto found us frustrated, with seizures creeping back. Her ability to tolerate the diet was changing and it just stopped working. After two years and three months, we stopped the diet in January of 2003 but stuck to a wholesome, healthy diet without sugar or white flour..... never returning to a "typical" American diet. Seizure-wise, she was the same...a few every month. Another parent told me about SCD and the fact that they were getting seizure control on this diet, and resolving some digestive issues. Not wanting to return to more drugs, I immediately bought the book and started Katera on the SCD (April '03). By week four, completely seizure free, I knew we were on to something. It has now been 8 months and Katera has had only four seizures in all that time. We had an unbelievable 5 month stretch where we saw none at all, though a recent viral illness triggered a couple. We manage these when necessary with emergency meds. SCD is a wonderful change from the previous diet, although I still firmly believe that the Ketogenic diet is a miracle for many kids. She has never had any intestinal problems that we know of... and yet this diet works for her. Who knew that the gut was so strongly linked to brain function? Apparently, none of our doctors did, but they are amazed at her progress and want us to keep her on SCD. She is healthy and thriving...and we plan on continuing the diet indefinitely. We have found wonderful support at the Yahoo list for families using SCD for children:
  • isala "Isabel and Lars" - Her understanding is fantasticJulia Cameron takes a holistic approach to writing. The writing process is not isolated to sitting in front of the desk and putting words on a paper. No, it starts in your unconscious, it permeates your life, it influences your actions. In short, writing is part of your life. This book does indeed help release the tension of "not-writing". She offers a twelve-week program to help open up your creative self. She does take it in small steps, so nothing becomes too daunting. You might not be a full-fledged writer after reading this book, but you are on the way, and you will feel better.
  • Twinkletoes - Very Unique Story...I loved it.This isn't your grandmother's paranormal...and I mean that in the best way. It's got a great story, unique characters, and a sexy-sweet chemistry between the hero and heroine. About time someone came up with some new twists. Though it has a shape-shifter element to it, the main core of the book is built around Pyschic powers. The world built in the book feels almost real...there are different races of humans: The Psy, Changelings (shifters), and Humans...each with it's own hierarchy. Within the three there are even (gasp!) different races and hints of interracial mixes...I love this! There's even a little politics thrown in, but it works well with the story and is completely logical. I am hoping to see more of this world. Sequel please!