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  • C. Jay - Great CableI have 8 of these cables connecting my Knutsen Jigabit router to various other Jigabit switches. The cable does a great job of keeping the heat transfer away from the connections. I was using some hollow core nitrogen impregnated gold flux cables made by a cheaper mfg (monster - utter crap) but the sound just seemed so hollow. I was blown away with the soundstage reproduced when streaming pandora with these Denon cables.

    I was unaware that the connectors use a special plastic developed in space on the ISS. The plastic is of the purest form because of the weightlessness of the super-heated gamma rays bombarding a special melt box outside the ISS. These cables used to be cheap as hell (#bay for 15 bucks!) but since Obama decided the people didnt need a space program anymore the shipping charges skyrocketed. The Russians seem to think they can just screw people over. Also, the blue connector holders are of a rare material. Denamadium is a rare earth substance that is created when the northen lights come in contact with CO2 in the stratosphere. When the resulting microscopic particles fall to earth they turn blue. Denamadium is so small it takes an open pit mine of 20 square miles to retreive 1 ounce. I say its well worth the earth damaging process once you hear the sonical bliss coming from your ihome speakers.

    Please dont listen to the naysayers. They cannot comprehend the spacial clarity gained by using theses cables. Do we all really have to go to the moon once just to say that YES we did land on the moon? Just take it from a sound junkie that you WILL be blown away by these cables.
  • Momof2beautys "Christina S" - Keeps me healthy....and at a healthy weight.I drink 4-6 Ensure Plus a day, and I have for many years. The only flavor I can stomach anymore is the Milk Chocolate....not too sweet so it goes down easiest. The taste is tolerable and the texture is like a whole milk.

    I have Cystic Fibrosis, so maintaining a gaining weight is a struggle. Ensure is the only supplement that has worked for me....over Boost and the other brands. I too agree that the price on Amazon is WAY too high. I have found the best price at Sam's Club, a case for about $30.

    Also a GREAT immune system booster!

    If it is a medical reason, you can have a prescription written and insurance may cover.
  • TJLMill - While there is kink....It is not the storyline....great readEveryone loves a little kink (at least anyone reading most of these types of books that is), but every author is doing it. This book while it has some kink it is actually very good, easy read. I love May Banks writing style and look forward to Jace and Ash's stories. Hopefully they will contain a little of Gabe and Mia as well.
  • MGS Va Beach - Great price and very pleased with the productI have been a Magellan user for quite a few years, but found it hard to find a 4-5 star one at a decent price that wasn't a few years old. I purchased this for my wife, and I really like the lane assist and split-screen features. Also the 3D driving view that shows the ultimate destination was very useful.
  • Chad Tibbetts "Brooklyn Running" - Jay Knows ToughnessThis book is a testament to the way Jay played at Duke and can be interpreted as much for the athlete as the non-athlete.

    It is an easy read and hard to put down, especially if you are a sports fan or competitor. I look forward to more works from the pen of Mr. Bilas.

    Just in time for March Madness 2013.