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  • marc weingarten "gangwrite" - Forget the haters, this book is terrific.I'm not sure where all this venom is coming from in regard to this entertaining and enlightening book, but it's really misplaced. This is the most illuminating look at Salinger that has ever been published, and answers so many questions that have dogged fans of this writer's work for decades. And I'm not sure why folks are making a bigger deal out of the pictures, which are numerous and mind-blowing. If you're a fan, you simply can't afford not to buy this book.
  • Sherita - So GoodI really enjoyed this book, and also Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed . It took me two weeks to read all three books. It's a true page turner. It had drama, erotic romance, I love this book. I bought it in paperback and when I finished reading the third installment Fifty Shades Freed, I bought it on my tablet and listen to the book on immersion reading. I hope who ever get this book and the other two books enjoy it. I can't wait till the movie come out. To bad Charlie Hunnam won't be in it, but still I can't wait to see the movie.
  • J. Mahajan - Still works great after a yearI've had the Shark Navigator Upright for over a year now and it still works as well as it did the first day home. The first day we had it, our carpets were freshly steam cleaned and it still sucked up a whole bin full of dust in just one room. It's the best vacuum I've ever owned. The filters are easy to clean, the bin is easy to empty, and the vacuum is so lightweight that my toddler can use it. There are sufficient attachments for all the basic needs. The only negative I have is that the sides don't have as much suction, so if you need to clean along baseboards it's best to go at them head on instead of sweeping along sideways. Hard to top this vacuum, especially when you factor in the price.
  • vanilla fudge - A great art rock album from one of the greatest rock bandsANIMALS is one of the most underrated and brlliant albums made by arguably the greatest rock band PINK FLOYD.I would'nt get enough words in my vocabulary to praise this great album which I would rate as one of their best after THE WALL,WISH YOU WERE HERE and THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.Very highly recommended.
  • Madeleine B. - Because Sissies "Avoid."The Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable is perfect for anyone who is sick and tired of being pushed around by huge ships.

    If you've ever left the harbor with butterflies in your stern drive, windlass all clenched up, hoping against hope that when a huge ship appears out of nowhere, you'll be able to remember what you're supposed to do to avoid it, this is the nautical phylactery for you. The Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable instantly vaporizes all huge ships (Panamax classification and up--WARNING: will not work on Aframax, Handymax or smaller!!!).

    No contact with the huge ship is required, all you have to do is lift the high purity copper wire cable high over your head, point one of the rounded plug levers in the general direction of the huge ship, and emit a long steady howl of warning, followed by a primal shriek of vindication. The huge ship will first become kind of fuzzy around the edges, then quickly develop a wavy-ish patina, and finally just vanish into thin air. The whole process only takes about seven seconds. I have done this myself five times and am happy to report 100% success!

    Some reviewers are critical of the high price of these Dedicated Link Cables. Yes, at $9,999.00 each, the Denon AKDL1 is admittedly an investment, but think of it this way: confidence, courage, not having to go without lunch because some huge ship took your $5.50--what price would you put on these?

    Highly recommend!