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  • Leslie Trace - spiritually connected to my wolf shirtWhen my roommate first purchased me this wolf-shirt for my birthday I thought, "She's crazy". But when she told me the reason behind the gift I knew that it was a serious gift from the heart. You see, she purchased this shirt for me after seeing me wear it in a dream. I knew at once that I was spiritually connected to this t-shirt in ways that transcended the normal person-t-shirt-connection. I decided right then and there that I was going to wear this wolf t-shirt as often as possible. Now, whenever I wear the t-shirt I feel as though I've transcended to a higher plane of enlightenment. People always comment on the change the t-shirt has in me. They say I'm glowing, or that people feel some sort of magnetic attraction to me. I believe this when they say it because when I wear this t-shirt people have a tendency to follow me wherever I go! I'll turn around on the street and see a trail of confused looking people following along after me.

    The wolf t-shirt also gives me the wind-in-the-hair model look, even on days when it isn't windy!

    Thanks wolf t-shirt!
  • Stefanie C. Stromeyer - Samsung Galaxy TabI absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy. The price was very reasonable and it provides everything I need in the way of a tablet. I would definitly recommend the Galaxy Tab 2 for anyone looking for a first time tablet purchase.
  • Jurgen Wolff - Not for artists only! Why this is a classic. Length:: 2:33 Mins

    Jurgen Wolff, author of "Creativity Now!" reviews Julia Cameron's classic work on how to empower yourself to be creative.Creativity Now: Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen now!
  • Steve in Dallas - IT'S A FASHION STATEMENTAnd it states it very well, thank you. It has all those clock faces, only one of which I actually set to the correct time. It has the timer/stop watch so you can time how long it takes for that dweeb to get the hell away from you. :) It has the digital clock so you can impress soldiers and policemen with your instant knowledge of military time. And it's blue and can be worn with so many things including red, white & blue shirts, shorts and deck shoes during the summer.
  • robin dolan - Historic Jesus is worth consideringReza Aslan's analytical text offers a comparative picture of the historical Jesus and that Jesus distorted by organized religion. Aslan's book shows that present day organized religion is virtually identical to Judaism of two thousand years ago. Jesus opposed the distortion offered by church leaders. He did not, however, abandon the faith in which he was raised. He was a jew and believed it unacceptable to associate with non-jews. Contrary to modern belief, he did not declare himself God. I urge everyone, including those adhering to a faith community, to read this book.