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  • M Windrim - A journey from critical illness to healthWhen one is critically ill, any reason for hope is gladly grasped. Hospitalization, drugs and no diagnosis (but lots of medical opinions) left me in a downward spiral. After a desperate personal search for answers, I found this book and a growing support group of adherents on the internet. Two years later I am drug free, in near normal health and still following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. When one has nowhere to go but up, it is GREAT to find an elevator to the top floor!
  • DKSHAD - The PlanThis book about healthy eating makes more sense than anything I've read and I've read many books on the subject and been on every diet out there. This helps you find out EXACTLY what makes YOU gain weight, not anyone else, YOU. It helped me discover many foods I am allergic to Nd "reactive" to. Lyn-Genet knows what she's talking about. I lost 5 ls the first 3 days and 9 by the end of the 20 day plan. My husband lost 8 lbs on 20 days. I might add this the first time I've ever lost more than him in the same amount of time. I think he wasn't drinking enough water-- a must! We are continuing logging what we eat and trying new foods but surrounding them with our "friendly" foods, weighing everyday and if we're up one morning, we just look back at what we ate, if we had enough water? Ate too late and have a friendly day that day. Then it's back to testing something new. Love, love , love the book and many thanks to Lyn-Genet for teaching us to finally really eat healthy and lose some weight. My husband has diabetes and in just 3 weeks, he has normal blood sugar readings!! He needs to check with his doctor about adjusting his meds.
  • ma2one - A joy to read, a beautiful insightful book.I'm so glad I read this book. Lingering in my mind for days like I feel when I look at his paintings. The depth to his sharing is so wonderful, and his insight into his process of being a painter makes this a treasured book. I want it in paper on my book shelf not only on my iPad.

    Reading this book was like having him with you as you looked at his work. I went back and forth to his website to examine his work more closely, he brought new meaning and revealed another layer to his fascinating beautiful paintings. I always admired and loved the way he painted, now he made me think even more about his art, even shifting some of my ideas.

    He is a deeply insightful writer and a truly open hearted artist and man. What a gift to have an artist of his greatness share his examined life as a painter, husband, a friend, and citizen.