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  • Brian Miller - The Santana Band Burns!This DVD documents the performance of the Santana Band at the Montreux Jazz Festival on July 2, 2011. As such, it is the most recent performance available from the band. It is an outstanding recording of some of Santana's most loved composiitions, along with a few songs found on the last studio record, Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics Of All Time I was skeptical since Santana has released numerous recordings of Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen/Oye Como Va, Europa, Soul Sacrifice and Samba Pa Ti. However, I was very pleased with the high quality of the performances, as well as the overall sound quality and video production. The music has a freshness and immediacy that belies the classic status of these and other compositions. Contrary to a previous reviewer's complaints about the presence of a horn section and a second vocalist, both dramatically enhanced the impact of the music. The live recordings of Back in Black and Sunshine of Your Love are far superior to the versions on the studio album. In this performance Carlos makes the songs his own, unlike the mere covers found on the CD. The horn section is superb, featuring Bill Ortiz on trumpet and Jeff Cressman on trombone. The percussion section, always an outstanding component of the ensemble sound, here reach new heights, in no small part due to the presence of Dennis Chambers on drums, now a regular member of the band. His solid background as one of the pre-eminent jazz and fusion drummers, known for his work with John McLaughlin and Mike Stern, serves him very well in this setting. Guest appearances from Carlos Santana's new wife Cindy Blackman, and rising stars Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi provide their own highlights and a little variety to the program. But the sheer joy and superb perfromances by the band and Carlos himself make this a must have video for fans old and new alike.
  • Zope - Best 3-wolf shirt available!!I was surfing the internet while on break looking for a hat and a shirt with wolves on it. Typically most of my online shopping involves trying to find the perfect wolf shirt. I currently have a little over 40 wolf shirts and most of them have seen better days. My glow in the dark set only lasted maybe 50 washes before I had to start using them to clean the gutters and my 67 Ford Pickup. Needless to say I needed a new Thursday shirt and didn't want to buy another I already own. I did a google search and saw this pretty number as a top result on Amazon. "My God", I thought to myself. It looked simply breathtaking.

    Typically these websites try to fool you with image trickery and such so the wolves always look better online. Then you get the shirt and the wolf is missing an ear or it's not actually howling as shown in the picture. This was not the case. I ordered it last Friday and received it today. I took the day off so I could be home when the shirt came. All of a sudden I heard a loud thud at the door. The excitement grew as I knew it had to be my 3 wolves howling at the moon shirt. I went to the door and the delivery guy passed out at my doorstep. I woke him up and explained his brain malfunction was likely due to the 3 wolves' pheromones likely still left on the shirt from the factory. He looked at me in surprise and said, "How did you find a shirt with 3 wolves on it?" I told him I found it on Amazon and all 3 of them are howling at the Moon. He pulled up his smartphone and purchased it before he even left my front yard.

    I brought the box inside and used my teeth to open it. I was kind of in a rush to see these wolves. Sweet Mother of God was all I could say. This shirt looked better than on the website. This wasn't just a shirt with three wolves howling at the moon. Every wolf looked beautiful in his own way. The white wolf literally caused me to have a panic attack. This was the most glorious shirt I've ever seen. I was going to wash it but I was too anxious to put it on. Once I put the shirt on it felt like I just put on a suit of armor. Those wolves would protect me no matter what. It perfectly complimented my upper chest hair and street goatee. I began weeping when I saw myself in the mirror with it. The shirt apparently works in mysterious ways. After 5 mins of having it on, I experienced excitement towards women that only medication could do before. It also helped me to grow closer to God.

    My final thoughts on this product are that everyone except children and the elderly should own one. I plan on buying 2 more so I can wear one every day of the week.

    3 Beautiful wolves howling at the moon
    curious musk
    cures erectile disfunction

    May cause heart issues in elderly and young people
    The white wolf could be larger, possibly copying it to the back of the shirt and filling it.
  • allison brown - Inspiration in its best formI've never liked any book enough to take time and write a review for it, and I'm an avid reader. I read so much that many stories just blend and bleed together after a while but this book will always stand alone in my mind . Lisa (Terrence' s mother) I'm the 20+ yr old version of her, from the same neighborhood same problems and both had children really young. This book found me at the right time because I needed some positivity in my life. This book is honest and raw and that was what I appreciated most about it. Terrence could have easily written the "my fairytale life" novel but he chose to share his family's skeletons many of which I have in my own closet. I saw an interview he and his mom did and she said that if sharing her stories helped one person than it was worth it . Well Lisa my name is Allison and I grew up on sutphin Blvd my baby is three and and I want to thank you for making me feel more empowered than I have felt in a long, long time ......God bless.
  • AZCook - Great for an electric grill!Assembly is not difficult, if you read the directions and follow the pictures.

    The grill heats up very quickly and gets super hot (right up to 500 within 15 minutes), and does a nice job of grilling. Of course, it's nothing like a gas grill, so it doesn't have a BBQ flavor, so the food tastes like something that is pan fried, but, it does act like a grill and does leave nice grill marks. lol

    I purchased this as a gift, and the recipients are most pleased, and use the grill a few times a week. It's great for apartments and condos!

    I think for the price and type of product, this grill really delivers.
  • Analy - Buy it on your own riskthey send me the wrong one. I the pictures i looks pretty and blue. Not the real one. I try to return the case and the silicon keyboard and they told me they were sorry. That if I wanted they would send a new replacement if I delete my bad review. I agreed to it. After I erase my review telling the poor quality of the items the email me back telling me that they were sorry because they would send the replacement since the did not have the one I wanted. I understand people can make mistakes but when they play with you is totally different. I am still waiting for my refund