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  • Nitzy Tamir - Perfect for my small officeThis coffee machine is PERFECT for my small office. It is not a big deal to have to fill up the water each time. I really only have one coffee in the morning and then one in the afternoon. I am not up making coffees for tons of guests. The coffee is piping hot if you follow the instructions, be careful that you do not sit there clicking the brew button while it is blinking red because that will make the coffee come out quickly without being hot enough.
    Basically it is amazing, the coffee comes out perfectly hot and delicious!!!!!
  • G. Hayes "Debilynn" - Stupendous Product!This is the third tablet I have purchased. I returned the other two within the first week. The Samsung Galaxy Tab2 out-performs all the other tablets I have used. Can't say enough about the above average technology on the Samsung products. Love it!!
  • TheExplorer - Three Moles Gone!I had two moles arrive on my face in my late twenties. While at a family party, my aunt told me she had moles in the same place as me and had them shaved off. I had one on my nose and a big one above my lip. I had been talking with my husband about wanting to get rid of them but I really didn't want a surgical procedure so he ordered this product. He tried it on a small mole on himself first, it was not in plain sight like the ones on my face so he was the Guinea pig! I was amazed that it was completely gone in a week. There was some redness as the site healed and that lasted about two weeks, and now not only is there no sign of a mole, there is no scar! I then tried it on my face. The small one on my nose went away just like his, and the large one above my lip took 3 applications to be gone. I let the scabs fall off naturally and kept putting the natural balm on them and that seemed to really help. I did notice that when I really roughed-up the surface of the big one more the second and third time before I put Dermatend on, it seemed to be more effective. Hope this info helps.
  • P. Bergin - My daughter loves it!My 10 year old daughter got interested in cake decorating. I got her this book along with a beginner set of decorating tips. She has graduated from this book, but not before making everything in it 2 or 3 times. This is a great book for beginner/not sure if this is what I want to do. Would definitely recommend it for a beginner.