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  • C. A. Keefe "Charlie" - Using this product to renew your Norton subscription is easyI'm not going to comment on this product's features, I'm already running it on three computers and I'm totally satisfied. I bought a new download because my current subscription was expiring. It's $70 to renew the subscription with Norton or $31 to buy a new 3 user download from Amazon. I discovered that after you make your purchase you don't need to do the download; just go to your existing Norton Internet Security, click renew, then click "I have a key or code to enter". Enter the code that's on the Amazon software download page and you're set!
    I tried doing a full install on my first computer, it de-installed the old product but didn't reinstall a new one. When I restarted the install it installed OK didn't update the subscription. I used Norton's excellent online support to find out all I had to do was enter my new key.
  • Jim - Simple, Well Priced Tablet HolderI have been hunting around for a good way of holding my iPad or other tablet in my 2012 Honda Pilot. After searching a bit, I came across the listing for the "Pad Pocket" car mount. I was unable to find any reviews for a Honda Pilot but I was able to find similar reviews on the "Pad Pocket" for other vehicles.

    I ended up shelling out the money and was blown away at how fast it got to me. The order was placed on Sunday and I had the item in my hands on Wednesday afternoon - excellent!

    After opening the well wrapped package, I had the Pad Pocket in my hands. It's a sturdy metal design. The weakest point would take handful of bends back and forth to break (using for reference - not a design flaw). The unit then simply sits on top of the middle compartment sliding door and a shelf on the backside slides between the middle console sliding door and it's home below the HVAC/Radio controls. I bent the stand back a little bit to make the iPad face up a bit better for the driver/passenger.

    The arms that hold the iPad (on the left and right) are about twice the size of the actual iPad. This is designed to allow you to keep your iPad in a case. I have mine in a leather folding case and it sits in the Pad Pocket perfect.

    I gave this item a 5 star rating: It comes as advertised, does it's job efficiently, and is priced extremely well in comparison to other mounts. Another great part is that fact I can simply slide it out and put it away when my iPad isn't in the car. It doesn't modify or damage anything in the vehicle.

    Also, this can hold any 10" tablet. I placed one of my TouchPad's into my iPad's case and slide it into the home. Worked the same.

    Thanks for the great product!

    UPDATE: Long term test (full day of use in the Pilot). Still give this 5 starts -- Worked out great and sits in a great location!
  • Lynn A. Smith "bookworm" - Good book to keep forever.She has all the recipes you could possibly want. Only thing that I have to do is cut down a lot of the recipes as I don't feed 12 or more people and a lot of the recipes are for 12 - 18 people. I can only freeze so much. I otherwise love this book. It's going to be my go to book for holidays now. Getting ready to make the cinnamon rolls this weekend. Love all the pictures she includes for each step of every single recipe. Then at least you'll know how it's supposed to look for each process.
  • R A Melloh; Cornish, NH - I think I'm liking this binder after all.I am surprised that so many would settle for an Avery Durable View Binder to store their women. The 2" ring is so old technology, the cover pockets cramped, the plastic cover screams low budget.

    As someone who reveres women, I prefer to put them in a pedestal. No, not on a pedestal, but in a suspension filing system, in a desk pedestal, where they belong.

    While the file pedestal is not the latest thing in storage technology, it provides more room than a flash card, unless your women are capable of being reduced to bits and bytes. Besides, I don't understand flash cards, only my secretary does that sort of thing.

    When I open my suspension file drawer, I can review a much more extensive collection of alphabetically filed women at a glance. It is reassuring, because when I want to save 28 cents on the dollar, I simply open that drawer and pull any file at random and can almost bet that the woman will be eager to work for 72% of what a man would. Heck, what choice does she really have, as long as we men keep playing our cards right? If I keep two ladies on reduced hours, it's like I have a whole one and maybe even a bit more and don't even have to pay any benefits. What a saving!

    It has been easy so far. We simply make sure the right politicians and judges are in office to dilute and stifle any grand ideas of equal pay for equal work. We keep the women off balance by continuously attacking their basic rights to privacy and control of their bodies, while threatening their access to birth control, family planning and prenatal care. We can filibuster, lose legislation in committee, or we can legislate from the loaded bench. It all works out the same. The surprising thing is that so many women are helping us out by voting against their own best interests, even stranger, against their daughters' and their grand daughters' best interests. Silly women, maybe some of them do belong in binders.

    Good on Avery! I give you five stars for binding 'em up.
  • PurplePanda - Informative and adds to the excitement of planning your WDW tripEven though we have been to WDW several times over the years, we usually by a travel guide to keep us up to date on new attractions, resorts, restaurants, etc. This guide has a section for each of the parks, and provides a overview of each attraction, show, character meet and greet location, restaurant and resort within the WDW complex. I like to flip through and look for the "hot tips". The Kingdom Keepers Quest in the back of the book is fun for those who have read Ridley Pearson's series of book.