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  • Susan Avallon - Little Rainforest in my KitchenWell, I have five of these gardens now, so obviously this is a product I've been very happy with. I started out with tomatoes and salad greens, and the salad greens were so tasty I added a second garden of those and two strawberry gardens (the second one is on order).

    I have had no trouble with the pumps or noise, and everything has grown beautifully. With five gardens going at once, it's so bright in that area of my kitchen that it looks like a UFO landing site, LOL, but they are all scheduled to go off at 11 p.m. so it's no problem at night when we're sleeping.

    These gardens are so cheerful to have around. They add a nice moisture and a green, fresh smell, and I find the lights cheerful too.

    The salad greens grow very quickly and are so tasty that my biggest problem is resisting the urge to constantly pluck off leaves and eat them all day long. That's why I got a second one -- so there would be plenty. With four in my family, one garden did not produce quite enough for us. Our first salad crop also did not grow for very long, only a couple of months, but I think that's just the nature of the plant. The tomatoes took a long time to go to the fruiting stage (13 weeks), but now they are producing two or three ripe tomatoes each day, and they are delicious.

    I love having food growing indoors. No bugs, no bird poop, no dirt, and everything can be eaten right off the plant. Tonight over dinner we literally watched our first strawberry turn from white to pink on the end.

    No, this is not a particularly economical way to grow food, but it's loads of fun and has been educational and exciting for my kids, who are much more interested in fresh produce than they used to be.

    I've had no trouble with either the pumps or the customer service. In fact, everyone at Aerogrow has been very kind and helpful, both over the phone and in e-mail. I hope the company continues to thrive because I just love these little gardens and hope to use them for years.
  • cindy oeser - FABULOUS PRODUCT!!!i've been taking Align for over 2 years. It totally straightened my digestive tract and, I feel, it has boosted my immune system. 70% of our immune system is in our gut. I get it monthly for the cheapest possible rate from Amazon subscriptions. I guess I will always take it. I sure don't want to go back to the problems I had before. This probiotic was developed by a couple of GI doctors who patented their particular strain of probiotic. No other product has this strain.
  • Sarah Vigil Swiger "Author of The Divine Plan" - Essential Tool for An Artist's Tool BoxWhen a friend recommended The Artist's Way to me, I had no idea what it was, but since I trusted the friend, I gave it a try. Now, I recommend it to every writer I know. Cameron's program leads you on a spiritual path of creative abundance.

    The morning pages--three longhand pages done immediately upon waking and not meant to be censored and corrected--were the most helpful because making yourself write and facing the blank page can be the hardest thing for a writer. The Artist Date was uncomfortable at first as I took myself to the symphony, to the theater and to art museums since these events are usually social, but they quickly became cherished times because I didn't need to depend on finding a "date," which often times stopped me from experiencing art. The tasks send you on a path of discovery and acceptance.

    If you're willing to do the work you'll be more prolific in your art. Your block will lift. Your projects will come to fruition. It works.