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  • brobox - Wife loves itWe are trying this before buying a complete induction cook top. So far the NuWave has been fantastic. Do check to make sure your cookware will work. If a magnet sticks to the bottom, it will work. Most aluminum cookware will not, but stainless steel and cast iron works fine.

    Unbelievable how fast it cooks and with no heat. That is very important for us living in Florida with a constantly hot kitchen and high A/C bills.
  • Diane Gabryjelski "Diane H" - Changed my life!!!Four months I started having major IBS issues- out of the blue. Doctors did blood tests, ultrasounds, stool samples, even a colonoscopy. All appeared healthy. Not one doctor asked me about my diet. Which I thought was great. Little did I know that my morning smoothie made with homemade almond milk, kale, strawberries was making me sick! As well as frequently eating salmon. Salmon!!!! Within two days of following the Plan, all issues were gone. ALL! I have gotten my social life back, no more painful days and nights- thank you Lyn-Genet Recitas!
  • nmartinonline - Life Changing Book is enjoyable again!Not too many books change your life. This one does.

    Diagnosed with Moderate-Severe Crohn's Disease, Aug. '03. Symptoms: night sweats, lost wheight, constant pain, tired, loose & frequent bowel movements.

    Meds: 150 mg Imuran

    Started Diet May '04

    Syptoms improved within 2 weeks while meds didn't affect them at all.

    Now, Feb '06

    No symptoms. Med free since Jan '06. Still follow the diet strictly.

    The book just makes sense, scientifically. I know the diet can be hard to follow at times, but the only motivation I need is to remember all the symptoms I had and look at the future I want to enjoy. ...our bodies were made to heal themselves, we just need to give our bodies the right food in order to let it.

    I encourage you to read the book. Borrow it from the Library if you don't want to buy it.
  • Jennifer B. - Highly recommend!I appreciate Platt's frankness regarding the state of the American church and where we fall short of Biblical Christianity. The church has become as self-absorbed as the world around us. Let's live to make much of God! After reading "Radical" I recommend going through the "Live Dead Journal" The Live Dead Journal