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  • S. Keefe "fauxreal" - spell-binding readingOur bookclub read this for our most recent meeting and everyone ~ and I mean every single person ~ was captivated from the first page and couldn't get enough! Well written, well researched, just enough detail to impart the fear and terror without becoming unsavory. I sure hope she writes more, and soon.
  • Amy Elizabeth Landers - A must for everyone in health careA must for any internal medicine provider, ambulatory care and certainly infectious diseases - pharmacists, physicians, nurses and all students.
  • Sharon V. McIntosh - I love it!I had one of the older kindle's for about 3 years. I really liked to take it with me traveling. But decided to upgrade to the new Kindle Fire Hd. I love it! Love it! Like that it is like a tablet for checking e-mails, Facebook, play games, READING (the biggie) and lay in bed to do all of the above. Plus you can watch movies on it - - I haven't done that yet, but will get to it.
    It is a great product!
  • Gladys Nevin "reader" - Perfect Christmas GiftThe Ansel Adams Calendar is loved by my son-in-law. It was given to him as a gift
    for Christmas. He is active in the outdoors and the scenes in this calendar are
    perfect for him as he does hiking, snow boarding, mountain biking, and rock
    climbing. Thanks for having it available.
  • look jee "luke" - my favoritethis is my favorite of all the pink floyd albums. i dont really know for what particular reason i guess it just moves me the most. pigs is my favorite song on here but the whole album is very good and i love how each pink floyd album connects with itself throughout the whole thing, following the same plot sort of like a movie or a book. the music these guys put out is just fantastic. they can paint so many pictures in your head with their words and so many emotions in you're soul with their sound. quite a few have tried to emulate their sound but no psychadelic band will ever match the success of pink floyd. they mastered their genre, there's no doubt about that.