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  • Michelle - life changingI was looking for a way to spice up my marriage, to give my husband that spruce up of sexiness I always wished he had. I wanted to feel all eyes of desiring women on him when we went to places like Walmart or the dollar store. But nothing I tried gave him that "king of the trailer park" feel that I craved. Nothing, that is, until I found this shirt.

    The three wolves symbolize the carnal desire of the beast inside of him. When he walks into Walmart now, shirt tightly fitting his sexy beer gut, slightly sweaty pits and that hair that screams I haven't washed it in three days because men of wolves dont need to bathe, I know all eyes are on me for being the lucky woman who is with him. I see the women in there glitter sweat suits eyeing him, with their cheap box color hair and fake nails, running their hands across their large butts and then smelling their fingers seductively. They are trying to entice him, but I know that this man beast is all mine.

    Only I get to take him home, open a beer for him, have our wild three minute love making and listen to him snore in the chair while I clean up and smoke that oh so satisfying cigarette. Thank you wolf shirt for bringing the spark back into my marriage. It truly changed my life.
  • Michelle - It worksI have been happy with this product. It have tried other prescription products that end up causing dry and irritated skin. Sweatblock works without being harsh on your skin.
  • Sandra Pressley "UptownG32" - Norton's on the job and I'm resting easierAn I.T. friend stressed it was important for me to get p.c. protection for my personal laptops. I use my laptops regularly and never thought my data was significant for anyone to try to hack or access. But, my friend got me to understand the error of my beliefs. After spend a couple of days researching and comparing various p.c. protection software, I concluded Norton 360 2013 Premier was the best option for me. Simply put, it address all of my wants and needs for my laptops and was affordable. We all want the peace of mind that our computers and the information on them is safe. I do feel that both are protected with this product. The feeling of security allows me to focus my attention on other matters.
  • Ronald Hitson - Coming from a real user.....not a techieGreetings,

    I purchased this GPS navi. for the purpose of my vacation in a city and state in which I had not been.
    Long story short, this GPS made my life much easier and made my vacation more enjoyable.

    I am 100% convinced that without this purchase, I would not have enjoyed my trip as much as I did.

    The accuracy is fantastic. Even if you miss a turn, the GPS reroutes you from where you are. I love that feature. I missed a lot of turns but I was able to get to where I was going thanks to the fast rerouting of this GPS navi.

    As a result, I want to explore others places that I've not been, just so I can use my new best friend.

    Grab this, you'll not be disappointed.

    Also, the screen size is a nice size. I thought it would be smallish but it is perfect.

    The talking feature is great too. Just focus on driving on watching the same names, exits, etc.....
  • MB1016 - Changed My LifeI bought the kindle edition for $9.99 and it is honestly the best $10 I have ever spent. The relationship I have with my wife was great to begin with but this book showed me many ways that I can improve myself to make our relationship even better. Also, check out Athol Kay's blog, and the forum linked from the blog. Ground breaking information that works!