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  • dutch yeti - Poetic, Desolate, Beautiful.If you really are considering reading this book, i recommend just one thing: know what "style" of book this is before you start. Most negative reviews i see of this are of people who just picked this book up because Oprah recommended it or they saw the movie or just heard good things about it and wanted to check it out. But most positive reviews of the book understand one thing, which is Cormac McCarthy and his writing style. It is nearly unique and all his own. The sentences in this book often are not sentences. Words come out like thoughts do. There are no chapter breaks, and very much so on purpose - There are no "breaks" for the boy and his Papa. There are small cues that the reader will need to pick up on, such as the asterisks when there is a significant change in time, or following the dialogue between the man and boy without the benefit of "said the man" or "the boy said". This is not a book just anyone can pick up and read. To truly enjoy this, you have to know what you are getting yourself into first. Understand that the words won't always seem to form a coherent sentence, but they will still convey exactly what they mean to. This truly is more akin to long-form poetry. I also don't ever recall reading a story before that made me feel so emotionally invested in the characters, who by and large are not fleshed out at all. They are blank canvases for you and i to relate to, not to be told what to think of them. This is a story that really has so little to do with the actual plot. When you hear the old addage "life is a journey, not a destination", Cormac McCarthy expertly brings that idea to life in The Road. You can feel the despair, the kindred bond, the fear, the absolute love, the sheer terror, the trust and the heartbreak these two endure in their journey, and its something that i can say i have rarely experienced in many books, yet experienced those emotional tugs on nearly every last page of this book. I have never felt so sure about recommending a read to someone, yet ONLY if you know the task that lies ahead of you and are willing to meet it on its terms and not yours. Dive in and enjoy.
  • Matthew Borg - for wife's usewife suffers slight dementia which can lead to a perception of her not feeling hungry,
    so ensure is the answer for nutrition, and she loves the taste. the price was absolutely below typical drug supply stores.highly recommend it for these circumstances
  • Erica - No Problems With This Kit!I just received my kit in the mail and I had absolutely No problems using the code. The package came sealed and the code was covered. I'm really happy with it and I was able to save 18 bucks. I don't know why some of the codes wouldn't work for other people, but it's worth the risk because even if it doesn't work Amazon will refund your money and you can just buy instant access strait from MyMathLab's website.
  • David "I like fantasy, sci-fi and other books... - Improved from last year and I can't live without it..It's an excellent program. Nobody else does it as well. I tried Microsoft Money and did not like it.

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