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  • Melissa J. Barsness "Melsibub87" - Ladies! Trust me, it works!!!If you're skeptical, keep reading!

    I'm 23 years old, married, and ttc. I've always had irregular periods, excessive bleeding for long periods of time, and periods that went MIA for over a year or two. After years of period trouble, I went on the pill before I got married (big mistake, especially for someone with my menstrual history), went off a year later, didn't have a period for two months, then got one suddenly. After that period-nothing. Still no sign of a period six months later. I heard about Fertilaid and thought, for the price, it couldn't hurt either way. After less than two months of taking it (i'm about to start my third consecutive month of fertilaid), my period returned, my first ever NORMAL period. Only five days, as opposed to my 11 to 12 day, heavy, helter skelter few and far between periods I'd had in the past. This really works if you have a history of irregular cycles or periods. Try it. You'll be amazed! I was and still am!
  • rachelkhays - So far so good!I bought this lotion about 5 days ago and received it today, just as promised! It came in great condition, without any leakage and wrapped in plastic. I used it for the first time a couple of hours ago, and as of now I love it! I have used a lot of lotions and I have come to find out that Designer Skin is my favorite brand. I have already gotten a lot of color from one use so I'm excited to see what the results are after continued use. It made my skin soooo soft, and the smell isn't bad like a lot of reviews say! However, it definitely does not have a "light citrus" smell, which is what Designer Skin describes it as. You can't beat it for the price!