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  • free at last - Thank you!Every Sunday I use to go to church and pray to god, that I would get some female pens, but now, thanks to you guys...my prayers were answered! I can write like a very confident real woman! I feel a like a queen with these pens!!! All of these men bow down to me, it's really great! I was always told this is a "Man's World" not with these pens...we rule the world. This Pen will go on for generations in my family.Thanks Bic!!!!
  • Melissa Ann Getty "Mel" - wonderful!very informative book. I love the research and the sciene behind her findings. Not just opinion, but backed up information. It's nice to be able to read some updated information. My doctor loves this book too.
  • Super Mum - Easy enough for a child... complex enough for an adultI think the true testament to this product is that my 9 year old child was able to sit down with zero instructions and figure it out in a couple minutes. He was able to change from pen to paintbrush to any of the other tools right away. He was able to change colors, add geometric shapes/designs, erase, change brush size/shape/nibs, make straight lines, use symmetry, etc. without any instruction or assistance. The main reason I chose this product was to find a way to further inspire the comics he draws (for a child they are so good they could easily be published). Using the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro he was able to draw his comics he typically freehand draws much faster and "better" as he can now make a perfect circle and even lines without dragging out tools he never used with paper. While there are other products that are capable of similar functions, this is extremely easy to use. We have, and regularly do use Photoshop for different functions but the complex menus are more complicated to find and use for sketching. With Autodesk Sketchbook Pro the primary function is drawing/painting and everything you need is right on the screen and can quickly be accessed by hovering over a menu until it expands. Also, the cost difference between this product and Photoshop is expansive if you are only planning on using it for sketching and wouldn't be justified. Photoshop, my favorite as the photographer of the family, is in my opinion is a perfect program for photography rather than sketching and therefore would explain why it is not as user friendly for this function.

    We are using this product on a Mac Mini (2010 version: Apple Mac Mini MC270LL/A Desktop) with a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet though it can be used with a mouse as well. The downside of a mouse is that it is unable to read the pressure in which you are drawing/painting. With a mouse, your art will not reflect light and heavy "brushstrokes" without changing the brush settings manually which I would imagine would be quite difficult to impossible to make a cohesive line that shows an artificial variation in pressure.

    The program installed quickly and flawlessly and required no extra setup/drivers/etc. to be used with the Wacom Tablet. Both the Mac and PC programs are available on a single disk which is unusual and welcomed.

    While we are not professionals by any stretch of the imagination I can 100% recommend this product to those artists who are wanting to take the first step into the digital world and are looking for an intuitive, easy to use product that is easy on the wallet. There are enough tools that this program can easily grow with you and your skills as a digital artist.
  • Ralph - Nokia Lumia 920 - One Great Phone!I bought the Lumia 920 from AT&T. I was replacing an HTC EVO Android smartphone. I love the Lumia 920. It has a beautiful design, feels solid (and is solid,,,I dropped it on the concrete and not a scratch on gorilla glass and still works!!). The camera with Pureview is the best I have seen. The phone is so intuitive to use and Windows Phone 8 operating system is integrated and flows with all apps...I like WP8 OS much better than Android. Android was much more complicated to use. Nokia also has an "offline" Maps feature which allows you to use GPS offline for driving or walking etc,,,and not use any data whatsoever. It also has a powerful Bing language translator (with many language packs) which can also be used offline. I love my Nokia 920!!
  • Joel Albert - Glad I switched to this SSDI used this to replace the standard hard drive for a new HP Win 7 computer. Cloned the software without much problem and was able to boot with minimum fuss. Product description could be improved by indicating you still need a 3.5" mounting bracket adaptor--I really wasn't quiite sure if it was required or not.

    Definitly makes a difference!