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  • Sebastion McEwan "Remembers the 60's" - VERY happy with this purchaseI stumbled on these boots by accident and really gasped at there clean lines. So I bought them. The fit is so perfect, the workmanship is so precise and they even have an insert like no other shoe I've ever bought before. I think so highly of them I want to put them on a shelf and just gaze upon them, LOL. When I wore them the first time I was shocked at the overall feel and delightful light weight they have. I got the light brown but am considering the other colors at a later date. They're that good of a shoe. I highly recommend these boots.
  • Tommy - Great ProductA product that work, since doctors are no help. Believe it or not, it have fixed my problem. I am very satisfied. I will used it again, if needed
  • R.Arbon - A must read- inspiring book!!As a little girl I remember the summer we went to Utah to visit family and seeing Elizabeth Smart’s posters all over Salt Lake. It was terrifying realizing that stuff like that happened to girls like me. I can remember just as clearly the day my mom picked me up from school crying because she had been found. Elizabeth’s story touched many people, including myself, all over the country and her book will do the same thing. It was not an easy read for me. I’m not an emotional person who cries watching movies or reading books but I shed tears reading this one. Elizabeth starts her emotional story with what happened the weekend before her kidnapping and accounts for events all the way through to the trial. I didn’t read this book because I wanted to know what terrible things happened to her (which is included in the book) at the hands of her sick captors but because I wondered how a girl can go through what she did and go on to live a normal life. Elizabeth does not go into graphic details but she doesn’t sugar coat anything either. She focuses on how her faith and determination to be with her family, kept her going through the hard times. Elizabeth also shares how her mother’s words of encouragement after she returned home helped her to move on with her life. This is an inspiring book written by an amazing woman. I bought the book and had it read within two days. You are hooked from the beginning of her gripping story. A definite read!
  • she treads softly - Very Highly RecommendedIt's always a thrill when there is a new novel out by Preston and Child.
    White Fire by Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child is their thirteenth novel featuring FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast. This time the young woman he is mentoring and helping through college, Corrie Swanson, has headed out from John Jay College of Criminal Justice to the Colorado Rockies and the resort town of Roaring Fork. She is hoping to examine the remains of several miners who were reportedly killed by a man eating bear 150 years ago. The remains from the old cemetery have recently been exhumed in preparation to be moved to a new burial site, so If she can manage to get permission to examine the remains of the miners who were killed by the bear, she can submit her thesis project and paper (a large-scale study of perimortem trauma on human bones inflicted by a large carnivore) to the college for a scholarship.

    Corrie's plans run amok when permission to examine the remains is denied. She takes matters into her own hands and ends up in jail, which results in Pendergast heading out west to help her. But, before Corrie was arrested, she noticed some suspicious marks on the bones that have her doubting the legendary bear story. She needs help from Pendergast to have any chance to thoroughly examine some of the remains. In the meantime an arsonist has hit the resort community and terror is building in the community. Someone is hiding a secret and perhaps they are planning to go to any length to protect it. Or is there something else amiss in this now exclusive ski resort town?

    Fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes should enjoy this latest novel from Preston and Child. The novel features strong story tie-ins to Oscar Wilde to Arthur Conan Doyle. Corrie bases the idea of her research project on a story Wilde tells Doyle that leads her to Roaring Fork. As usual Pendergast always seems to have a plethora of background knowledge or suspicions that he is not sharing. Corrie is mouthy and impulsive which contrasts nicely with Pendergast's reticent, careful approach. Both are intelligent and insightful.

    Preston and Child are accomplished writers who know how to tell a story - slowly revealing more information while presenting plenty of plot twists and turns. While this is a Pendergast novel, it can easily be enjoyed by those not following the Pendergast character in the previous books. I found White Fire a decidedly entertaining novel that was exceptionally entertaining. I don't think anything written by either Preston or Child has ever disappointed me. I was reading White Fire while out of town and found myself aching for time to finish it, which says a whole lot. I'm hoping to see more of some of the characters in White Fire in a future Preston and Child novel.

    Very Highly Recommended - a must for Preston and Child fans.

    Disclosure: My Kindle edition was courtesy of Grand Central Publishing via Netgalley for review purposes.