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  • Stephen K. Buchly - Killing Jesus ...a historical pictureBeing a history teacher and a Christian I wondered how Bill O'Reilly would be able to separate the history of the man known as Jesus and the religious Son of God beliefs of Christians. By intricate detail into the political time prior to Jesus' birth, during his stay on earth, and his departure O'Reilly paints an exacting picture through details documented but seldom discussed. From the documentation by Chinese astronomers who chronicled the "star" to the west in 5 BC, to the 80,000 Jews per square mile in Jerusalem, to the details of Romans in authority, the unquestioning dedication of the Roman soldier, to the reasons behind Pilate's not wanting to get involved, O'Reilly accomplishes just what he said he intended to do show the historical picture of the times that resulted in why Jesus was crucified.
  • D. Sullivan - Only products that have worked for me!I have tried everything; antibiotics (four different types!), Accutane, Clearasil products, Proactive, Salacylic Acid, herbal systems, Retin-A, special diets, but nothing worked for very long, and never without occasional or frequent breakouts. Plus, I have really bad cystic type acne on my face, back and neck and somedays it's monster-like. My skin has been super oily up until now. I could wash it and it would be shiny again in half an hour. People always asked, "why are you sweating?", and I wasn't! Then I was using 10% Benezoyl Peroxide and my skin would look like an alligator's. I couldn't balance it out.
    Following this routine, my acne was GONE in a week! GONE! I would not have believed it had it not happened to me. Also, this routine makes my skin look healthier than I ever remember it being. The oil production is slowing way down too, I didn't know this was possible. This guy who came up with this is right on! My dermatologists haven't figured this out and it really raises questions in my mind why DOCTORS who gave me all that medicine, with all their bad side effects, can't figure out: Gentle cleaning, Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5%) twice a day, non-comodegenic moisturizers, and Jojoba Oil! This system will ELIMINATE your acne and make the damage done by it start to heal, inside and out. Thank you to the guy who worked out this system!
  • Timothy Jones - Fantastic and up-to-date resourceI put off buying a how-to book for a couple of months, thinking that I'd just figure stuff out on my own as I started up my solo practice. And while I didn't make any huge mistakes, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to do things on my own. I finally bought this on the recommendation of a friend from law school. I wish I would have bought this book sooner--it would have saved me a lot of time.

    The book discusses most of what you'll need to know to set up your own law practice and get it running. It's incredibly practical, and it's very light on the flowery, excessive language I've seen in other how-to-run-a-law-practice books. And it's up-to-date on modern technology, ethics rules, etc.

    I highly recommend this book, and I recommend you get it before you start setting up your law firm. It's a fantastic resource.
  • Carrie O. - The only thing that worksMy daughter has tried several different antiperspirant products for her excessive sweating with no luck. I found Sweat Block and thought I'd give it a try. It has worked for her. She is so happy to be able to wear cute tops now and not just black. I'm glad we found a solution to her embarrassing problem.
  • Joselyn Jang - It. Cures. Everything.I drank, nay, sipped this delectable product for a whole day straight, savoring the nuances of the milky goodness. I only expected this quality product to revitalize me and provide me with much needed calcium and vitamin D; however, it did so much more... A list of the diseases and maladies I had that miraculously disappeared are below:

    Severe acne
    Ebola Virus
    Black Death
    My broken toe
    Poison Ivy
    The Common Cold

    It even cured my impotence, and I am female.

    I am now immune to all diseases, whether they exist in past, present, or future.

    I don't even need to buy this product again, for fear of becoming too strong for this world. But alas, how I'd love to have the silky smooth taste of Tuscan Whole Milk on my tongue once again...