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  • Graceland977 - Worth every penny..Love it!!Every parents' must have and top of the list. For being a worried parents, I love the feature where my husband and i both can sneak a peak with our little guy when We are at work or when We miss him when he is sleeping and don't wanna disturb him. The set up was easy, but I recommend calling tech support for help. Gary made the installation way easier and quicker for me especially I'm not a tech savvy. Great customer service!!! Wifi Baby works best with the app "baby monitor Hd" on my iPhone. It's pricey but anything for my precious little guy and my peace of mind is worth it!!
  • JB "J.bosh" - My life is better thanks to align, From IBS patientI started taking align 3 years ago. I always wanted to tell my story but never had a chance too, until today. i've had a vey weak stomach almost my entire life. I was diagnosed wiyh IBS and was misserable. GAS, Bloating, acid reflux, bathroom isues from constipation to basiclly water. On day i had such bad bouts that my octor at th time reffered me to a specialist who at the time gave me some pills that made me worst. After some reasearch i camevto learn bout align, so i purchased it nd try it. Duing the irst 3 month i wass feling a huge differece in my bowl movments and eating havits. I went fro eating nothing and bland diet to eating a lmost anything. Align sure save my life.

    This product wont work overnight, you must stay commited to 1 pill everyday. You will be amazed.
  • Emily E Oyster - Great ResourcdJessica Alba makes living a health conscious, Eco-friendly, organic and happy life super easy with tons of info and resources. It's probably more for people that are seeking this kind of knowledge, but it certainly gave me some new info I didn't know and some really helpful resources for making it more simple. She has great voice within the text and its obvious Jessica is incredibly passionate about sharing her honest and smart message. Loved it!