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  • Altmed - Simple photo editing, burning & 3-D (w/ glasses) from your 2-D picsEasy to use classic CD, DVD & Blu-Ray burner program with photo editing, 3-D from 2-D pictures.

    Photo editor easy to use & has the features that most people will use, even on a professional photo-editing program.

    The 3-D maker program is extremely simple. I had my 1st picture turned into 3-D (Glasses are included & are the red & blue-green paperboard - a nice touch for doing a lot of 3-D stills the movies you can make, (yes it does movies too - movies are obviously a bit more work, but are fun to make I like regular pictures) is to order (separately - only 1 pair is included with the program suite) some pro, regular framed 3-D glasses for everyone in the family & a couple for friends.

    After playing with the 3-D on a single still photo, I was done with the 3-D for a while. Too much cropping, light correcting, etc. to do with the photos I have already & always making more! ;)

    If you are a novice or even a pro on a budget, & especially if you want to stretch out into the world of 3-D, this is a great way to do it.

    If you take family photos & wish to make them look their best & even pull some out, sharpen them, etc that you never thought you could make into something beautiful, this program suite does it.

    Also has other special effects that you might like to play with.

    A very easy to use program to burn also. Menus are drag and drop, so creating a CD, DVD, or BluRay (nice surprise I hadn't noticed before I ordered this)to either still pics or a movie is fun & easy to do. No glitches on my end.

    Nice, easy to use basic program with a lot of fun features to use for a huge variety of projects, from fixing pictures to adding text, framing, using special features & then a video maker that is easy to use as well. Very nice little program for beginners.Drag, drop, add text onto "film", etc.

    Oh, can open a picture & easily save it in many file formats... a VERY nice feature to have.

    Fun to create movies & upload direct to YouTube. A really fun program for all ages to use & all levels of skill.

    Great program to have on a computer when having scrap booking parties, office projects, etc.
  • GodsDanceralwayz - All I could think about was this storyWhen I heard Ted Dekker's newst novel Kiss was coauthored I was scared! He is by far my favorite author and I was afraid his style wouldn't shine through. The line between Dekker's voice and Erin Healy's cannot be found. Their styles flow together brilliantly, creating an unforgetable thriller. (I'm sure their prior work together helped).
    Healy gives some great insight into the mind of the main character, both being female. Or is it Dekker's alter-ego Samantha? (Any Thr3e fans out ther)? Severed family ties; a possibly corrupt family corporation; presidential race; political scandal; family tragedy; human-trafficking; drug trafficking; and lost love gives this story it's tag line of

    Heart pounding meets heart warming!

    Did I miss anything?

    From the first page I was hooked. Every touch revealed a secret, opened Shauna up to an unknown world that I could not get enough of. With every chapter I became more invested in the story and more desperate for answers. Each day I wanted to race home to read more.
    Using real world issues and a bit of imagination, Dekker again creates a great thriller. His collaboration with Healy, I'll gladly admit, did not disappoint. The countdown beings...One year till Burn!
  • Rosalee Stone "avid book worm" - Reza Aslan did his homework on this one.From the very first sentence, Aslan grabs the reader and doesn't let go til the end. As one who has studied Judaism at the time of Jesus I appreciate his understanding of the culture and the language which was not always translated correctly to the Greek. He presents a true picture of the man Jesus, who was a man of peace when it was appropriate and very much a zealot when provoked by the tyranny of the Romans. He refers often to the writings of Josephus to provide clarity to the life and times of those living in those perilous times. I highly recommend this book as one to add to your library.