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  • Lorraine Cardillo "Musigal" - The history lessons not taught in a classroom.This unbelievably informative book is like reading a history book for school BEFORE IT'S EDITED~~~The facts (they are all cited) and historical figures that most of us know bits and pieces about and, at best, have had our opinions shaped by the web that the MEDIA has spun, are valuable in a time when "transparency" in government amounts to a slip on a "hot mic" that tells you what's REALLY going on. Every page is a slowly building crescendo to the final "mugging". Let's face it, America. We've been mugged!!!
  • Manuel Hernandez - A Real Life Saver!!!!!This book is written in very easy to read english. Which is part of its value. Not being in the medical field and if I had to deliver a baby in the bush in Africa I want the book to be written as simply as possible. The drawings are a bit better than stick men but they get the point across. My wife and I lived in West Africa and quite often in the bush. Places where you do not find a doctor and the hospitals are less than our American medicine cabinets. This book has helped through malaria; yellow fever; insect bites; dehydration; water purification; etc. These were areas that we truly faced and the book took us through. Yes, we survived!! If you know anyone in the 3rd. world, do them a great service and get them this book. No missionary or business men to the 3rd. world have any business leaving without this book.
  • Susie Foot - NIS 2012 is the ONE!I received my Norton Internet Security disc a day before expected delivery date. When I installed it on my first PC, no problems, very user friendly install. I then proceeded to install it on my 2nd PC, all OK. Finally, installed it on my laptop, and, once again, it was all good. So far, all 3 computers are operating smoothly, & I know they're all performing their functions faster than before. Highly recommend NIS 2012!