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  • Emilywg - Just what I was looking for!Just what I was looking for, and about 30% cheaper than what I would have paid for the same thing had I had it installed at the apple store! The download didn't even take long. It said it would take a few hours (3 or 6, I don't remember) but it ended up downloading in about 30 minutes. I definately recomment this for any mac user, especially for anyone coming over from a PC, as I did.
  • Sarah Kilgour - Great lessonsI have recently been through some awful things in my life. Seizure, brain tumor, cancer... yeah, pretty sad. But I have been looking for books that will not allow me to feel sorry for myself. This book is JUST what the doctor ordered! I learned (am learning) so much about resiliency, flexibility and caring for people through this woman's experience. I absolutely love it.