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  • Lisa I. - Great product!Works great. Substantially reduced my hair growth even after the first treatment. Would definitely get the glasses to go with this. Even though it says it doesn't emit a flash unless it's in complete contact with your skin, I was still nervous about it. I could still see a very bright flash. I placed the device where I wanted it to go then covered my eyes with a towel before pushing the button. Other than that I love this device.
  • Kelarz - Impressive!I have been taking this product for 2 days (2-3 pills before each meal) and have already lost 3.4 lbs! I am eating healthy and working out 3-4x per week but this is more than i usually lose per week and its only been 2 days! Plus my hunger is gone so i make myself eat but dont feel hungry and fill up fast. I am excited and anxious to see how much i can lose in a month. Will write an update next week.
  • Marilyn - As always, beautiful photosI buy one of these every year, and am always impressed by the high quality of the photography and of the paper on which the calendar is printed. And at least some of the proceeds go to support the Sierra Club, so that's a good thing. Amazon always has good prices on this calendar, although its price will go down--by at least half--at many retailers after Christmas. But it makes a good Christmas or Hanukah present.