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  • Eleanor Rigby - Excellent buy for the priceI have always loved music and have always had music running through my head, that of others as well as my own, but had little formal education beyond sight reading and some basic skills in piano and guitar. This program not only helps me write my music clearly, which is great since I have very slow handwriting, which gets very sloppy if I try to go any faster, but I get to hear it much better than other, cheaper music transcription programs. It would sound even more realistic if I sprang for an instrument library (I think that's what it's called), since transcription programs aren't primarily designed to sound realistic, but the human playback, with its various styles, helps to make the music sound more like what you're envisioning, as opposed to many ~$20 programs where the MIDI playback practically grates on the ears.

    The interface is also very intuitive given the many functions I can perform with this program. At first the SmartShapes seemed a little confusing because I only tried single clicking before dragging, but as soon as I consulted the manual, which is very clear and easy to refer to, it became apparent that it would work if I double clicked prior to dragging. It would probably have less of a learning curve if one were inclined to read the manual straight through before diving in, but I am not that sort of person, even when manuals have lots of pictures like this one does (I like to tinker in applications to figure out firsthand how they work before reading the details laid out for me, but if you prefer the latter approach, it is easy to take).

    It's also great too, because while I love being able to write notation directly, sometimes I just feel like playing the music, and I would rarely think to record or keep track of anything as I was playing. Using a cable and MIDI keyboard, I can play a melody, chord progression, or whatever I think of directly, and set the smallest note value so it can transcribe the shorter duration notes played appropriately. This can be a fast way to get the bare bones of something in, then making edits along the way (my fingers navigate a music keyboard more efficiently than a computer keyboard, apparently).

    The lyrics tool is useful too, and intuitive, good things for someone like me who enjoys composing for musical theater.

    I haven't yet tried everything Finale PrintMusic 2011 is capable of, so I can't review, say, the scanning function. It won't have all the features of the Pro version, but a lot of people won't need them and that's something you'll have to decide, looking at their lists of features and thinking of your own needs, depending on whether you're using this for your career and what that entails, but for non-professionals this is an excellent, five-star package, which you'd only really need more than this if you had enough money so it wouldn't dent your budget to upgrade although I do admit that unlimited staves is a tempting thing...but multiple parts of the same instrument easily and routinely go on the same staff, so it is not a big deal, at this time for me anyway.

    If you're a musically knowledgeable person who enjoys composing/arranging, is interested in or needs a computer program for composing/arranging, and either can't or doesn't want to spend a huge amount of money, this is a good investment.
  • Glenn Korman - Artie is back. Loved the book. Any fan will love it,Loved it. I was a big fan of Artie's on Howards radio show. He fills in all the questions about what happened after his exit. Loved it. Read it in one day. He is honest and funny about his drug problems. Any fan of Stern will LOVE it