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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • William D. Gray "wdgray" - 2 Year Old loves it.I bought this for my daughter for her 2nd birthday. It's supposed to be for slightly older children, but she's a bright girl & loves gadgets. It's gotten to the point where we have to hide it from her because she won't leave it alone. Great for car rides, motor skills, reading. This was well worth the $.
  • califax - Great tabletThe tablet is great. It feels light and handles amazingly well. I use it mainly to correct papers and read the news. Every now and then I watch a movie. After the ICS update it worked without flaws, therefore I can't really see what kind of problems other ppl have with their wifi. However, I have not tried the bluetooth wifi connection, since I don't have a bluetooth headset nor a keyboard. The Wifi is not too strong, but works in all the places (work, home, hotel) where I have tried it.

    The screen is superb. The speaker (yes only one) is not that great, but when traveling I wouldn't wanna miss my headphones anyway.

    The battery time is great. It easily runs as long as my girlfriend's iPad, if not even longer.
  • William G. Schmidt - Dawkins: A BackgroundWhen I hear the name Richard Dawkins I am more apt to think of "The God Delusion" rather than his benchmark "The Selfish Gene", not because the one is better than the other but because the former seems closer to my own heart (and yet what could be closer than a gene?). I grabbed this book to see how Dawkins became what he is today and I learned plenty. Memoir - really autobiography - of the first half of his life, you'll see a life that isn't so unusual as what he's made of each opportunity. Watch how a critical thinker unfolds his wings and takes flight. The wonder in this world is clearly illuminated by science, not superstition.