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Drugs Awareness Programme - DAP Youth Section - Drugs Awareness Programme (DAP) offers; Advice on drugs and drug-related issues; Section with information aimed specifically at parents; Current professional research on drugs; An easy to use interactive map detailing centres treating many types of addictions.


Country: Europe, IE, Ireland

  • Willowand - great productI LOVE this! I can't get enough! It makes your skin super smooth and has a nice light scent. So far I've used this in conjunction with my coffee sugar scrub and my body shop cellulite massager. SO far... using all 3 of these things I have noticed a huge difference and it's only been a week! I can't wait to see the difference in a month! I am really happy with the results thus far but don't know how much the fat girl slim really helps since I use it along with everything else.
  • Donna - A Busy Bogan Day"Tagg is great for tracking a busy dog during the day...love the activity level feature so I always know if our dog, Bogan is getting enough exercise. I love the app for my phone as Bogan rides a van to and from daycare each day. I know exactly where he is throughout the day, when he arrives at daycare, and when he arrives back home via text messages. I have read that Tagg is expanding the uses for the tracker. I cant wait to see what they come up with.

    Tagg is attached to his collar for at least 16 hours a day and i have never had battery issues. I do use a small piece of medical tape on both sides of Tagg since, boys will be boys, and wrestling with is buddies at daycare is one of his favorite pastimes...

    The Tagg staff was extremely helpful when we had a few issues when we first purchased his tracker. Their customer service people were great at following up to make sure we were happy with its functioning.

    Tagg is the one of the most valuable items I have purchased because it makes sure my best friend, Bogan, is happy and healthy! Great product AAAAAA+++++
  • Barbara A. Huyser - A Binder Full of MenI've been so impressed by the comments made by the reviewers and the endorsement by Mitt Romney. Hey, if it's good enough for a presidential candidate, who am I to question it? It gave him every female resource he needed to run the state of Massachusetts, so it must have been awesome!

    What's needed is a companion product that I would call "A Binder Full of Men". I'm currently doing some hiring and would like to have the opportunity to implement Governor Romney's methodology for the masculine gender. It would be so much more efficient if I could call down to human resources and just have them send up a binder full of men.

    That way, I could close my office door and closely examine their qualifications. I could give them careful, personal, and detailed attention. When my employees knock on my door, I'll just tell them to go away, I'm busy hiring.
  • Jeanette Melton - Thanks so much for your service!This is a very good book for families that struggle with the problems of our soldiers that have been to war and return with so many memories, nightmares and injuries both mental and physical. We can only pray that through therapy and love that the family can endure these experiences and return to normal happy lives. The story shows the difficulty of getting back in the work force and adapting to lesser jobs during the stressful days of recovery. The lives of many of our soldiers are scared forever and the author gives a very accurate account of the difficulties that are faced. I especially liked to read about the bond of love and friendship that the soldiers have for each other and the things they went through seems to make them closer than brothers. They risked their life not only for our country but for their the guys in their unit. No risk was to great and when it fails anyway the hurt lingers forever.
  • Exitup - Better Results with AII recently installed a Pioneer radio in my 2011 Ford Ranger using this install kit. I've been doing my own installs since before hanging 8-tracks under the dash (I actually installed an FM radio in the dash of a '66 Dart that only had AM previously) so I've been doing this a long time. Until this time, I'd gotten into the rut of just going to Wally World and buying the current Scosche Kit to make things work, but after reading a few of the more positive reviews on this product I thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm very glad I did. This kit is much better, I had to make a lot fewer modifications than using the other brand. Really, the only modification was to cut off the two tabs on the radio side of the mount. I did that using a Japanese flush cut saw and a flat file to make the cuts prettier. Something you really need to know about this kit though, is that you don't need the sleeve that comes with the radio, really, just slide off the sleeve, put the two brackets on the sides of the main mount and screw them on, then slide the radio in the mount and screw it to those brackets. Another important point is that you also can't use the radio's face surround bracket, it won't work, but just use the one that's included with the mount and everything looks very professional. It was a little bit difficult to slide the mount into the truck bezel for the radio. Be sure not to put the radio in the mount until you have the mount in the truck bezel. Also, I've got a set of those plastic dash prying tools, you need those to take off that bezel and they also helped in "prising" the mount into the bezel. You don't need to cut the dash bezel at ALL! The mount does fit into the bezel, but it's a tight fit, which is good, it just takes a little coaxing and those dash tools. I mounted mine with the CD pocket on the top but it would certainly work either way. I really love the results, looks great, looks like a factory installation, and didn't take any dremel cutting like the other brand. Bottom line: if you're putting a radio into any of the Ford products this mount supports, buy this mount, it is the best.