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Drug and Alcohol Office - Government of Western Australia - The Drug and Alcohol Office provides and contracts a statewide network of services relating to prevention, treatment, professional education and training and research activities in the drug and alcohol sector.The Drug and Alcohol Office aims to prevent and reduce the adverse impacts of alcohol and other drugs in the Western Australian community.


Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

  • shanemac10 - TASTE'S FINE!{{ READ THIS! }} The taste is fine, just like Naked's "Protein Zone". If you are worried about the flavor, just try a Naked Protein flavor (they're everywhere) and if you like it, do what I do; Mix it with 8-10oz of Dole's Strawberry Banana Orange 100% juice. That's it.

    It's DELICIOUS. I crave it.

    Don't try to make it chocolaty. Don't do just water. Use a mixed juice!

    I wish you got more for the money, but it averages about $3.50 per serving with juice, not too terrible.
  • ShopNW - A continued fan of QuickenI have been a quicken user since 1996.
    I tried to switch over to something else and found Quicken to still be the more intuitive desktop solution available out there.
    I typically buy every new revision and always find the new features, no matter how small, are always useful. Again continue to be satisfied by this intuit product to manage my finances and don't foresee switching to anything different in the foreseeable future.
    Great for tracking all bank, credit card and online accounts, investments, assets, etc. Also great integration with quicken health expense tracking if you have an medical insurance that uses Quicken Health expense tracker features.