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  • Scott - SOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!We vacuumed with our old $50 walmart vacuum THEN opened the new shark vacuum and re did the flloors and WOW. It picked up canister after canister of dirt and dog hair. This is the perfect vacuum for those of you with indoor dogs. We have a german shepherd that sheds like no other and this vacuum takes it right out of the carpet. Simply amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
  • KD "KD" - Better than other products I have triedI have suffered with awful cold sores for as long as I can remember. I can remember, every picture day growing up they'd seem to pop up. I have tried every kind of OTC medicine available. The only product that I had any remote success with was Abreva until now.

    I got this product as a free sample and had it in my medicine cabinet for a few months. I knew I'd eventually use it because it never fails, when something important is coming up, I'll get a cold sore (or a few). Sure enough, I start a new job tomorrow and one decided to pop up last week.

    I tried the Orajel Single Dose. It was kind of hard to figure out how to use at first because the "wrapper" wouldn't pull down as easily as I thought it would. Finally got it to work, used all of the medicine per the instructions. I felt immediate relief with the "tingly" feeling that's always associated with a brand new cold sore. It's 4 days later today and I can still see the cold sores, but it didn't spread down my lip like it usually does. It definitely "killed" the cold sore immediately. I am really happy with this product and will definitely be buying more.

    I received a free sample of Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment, 2 Pack from Smiley360.
  • Ann J. Harris - Stunning researchThis is an outstanding history of the times of Christ. I suppose fundamentalist Christians will not like their version of this history being challenged. But it really should not intimidate them but rather enrich their faith and understanding. The author does not in any way set out to deny or demean Christ but rather to paint a clearer picture of what he was like during this ancient time period. I understand the author's reseach took 20 years and the result is a testament to that hard work. Great read.
  • Charlotte Harrell - Long Time Quicken UserWe have used Quicken since 1998 when we were preparing to retire. My husband dutifully entered all of the investment data, but then became busy and did nothing to it for 10 years. When I installed the Quicken 2013, I did not convert that data because it was totally outdated. I have not been a power user and really just used it in the same way I had used a paper ledger for many years. I would like to use some of the Download features, but when I have tried it, a new file was created for the account that didn't exactly match the old one. I have deleted the downloaded one and continued to enter data by hand.

    Why does the program create a new data file for the things I download? I even went back and changed the name of each account to duplicate the new names given by Quicken and tried again. However,the same thing happened. I know I can just backup the old Quicken and use it for reference, but I really like being able to look back quickly and find when I did various transactions and do long term reports. Is there an easy answer to why a new file is created for the initial download from the Bank, Credit Cards etc.?
  • SoCali "Malia" - This one's a keeper...I was highly skeptical that I'd actually learn anything new from this book, but it has surprised me with little gems of knowledge that make buying this book worthwhile. A few chapters I could care less for- ie. Chpt 10 and 11, but all in all I think the book has certainly helped me and will help others as well. I've stuck little sticky flags throughout the book, highlighted some excerpts... and have a feeling that I'll come back to this book throughout my career development.