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  • DenDen - Exceeded my wildest expectations!I bought this last July, as an early birthday present to myself, with the expectation that I would occasionally use it just for the novelty. I've actually used it quite a bit and love it. It consistently makes great coffee with no issues or quirks. It doesn't feel as solid as some other models (ie. the Cuisinart mini brewer) but I've had zero workmanship issues in nearly a year.

    You do have to follow a certain order of steps, but that's simple and has become second nature. I only have one gripe and that is a travel mug won't fit under it. If you ran that much water through a K cup, however, it would be too weak (in my opinion) so that's not really much of an issue for me. Also, if you plan on using your Keurig a lot you may want to bump up to a model with a built - in water reservoir. This model requires you to add water each time. Also, to reduce the limescale inside I only run filtered water through mine. I've never had any issues with poor taste or mineral buildup.

    Keurig offers so many coffees and other beverages from which to choose, so I think this is an awesome addition to any kitchen. There are actually 7 or 8 colors of these to choose from, so if I had it to do over again the only thing I might do differently is choose blue or orange. Red is pretty awesome, though!
  • Jennifer L. Barker - Book Review: RadicalA few months ago the Lord told me that He wanted me to read through the Old Testament prophets. At first I thought that it was a crazy idea!! Those are difficult books to understand! (So disrespectful, I know.) But, like He always does, He kept talking to me about it and I finally gave in. Sometimes the things you fight the most are the ones you get the most blessings out of. So it is with the prophets. I'm taking it slowly, just one chapter a day. I want to be able to absorb what I'm reading.

    There seems to be one theme that is woven through these books: taking care of the poor. God makes it very clear; He hates it when the poor are neglected. In fact, this is one of the reasons He judged Israel. If I didn't know any better, I would say that God does have favorites and they are the poor people.

    Where does that leave us as Christians? This is where the book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream comes in. When I began reading this book, the information in it was like icing on the cake after all I'd read in the prophets.

    David Platt does not pull any punches when it comes to interpreting what it truly means to follow Jesus. It's not an easy thing. You know, just say a prayer and you're good to go. Do we need to acknowledge Him as Savior and Lord and confess Him with our mouth? Yes. But, if we are to truly understand what it means to be a Christian, we need to read what He said to His disciples about denying ourselves and turning our backs on the wealth of the world.

    It is so easy to be just like the rich young ruler that didn't want to sell what he had and give the funds to the poor. We may not have as much as someone else or even as much as the ruler in the story, but we are rich. We have enough to buy luxurious items, even if they are small. What does Jesus ask of us? He asks that we sacrifice our desires to give to those who are in need.

    I like what Platt states in that there is nothing inherently wrong with having wealth. There is nothing wrong with living in this land of plenty that we are so privileged to live in. The question is this: what are we doing with the excess money we make that is not needed for food, clothing, and shelter? Are we spending it on our wants or on what is important to Christ: the poor?

    This is what it means to be radical in our faith. If the desires of Christ's heart is important to you, then take the time to read Platt's book. It will change your thinking and your life.

    "Dr. David Platt is the pastor of the Church at Brook Hills, a four-thousand-member congregation in Birmingham, Alabama, comprised of world-impacting disciples who really believe that as a church they can shake the nations for God's glory...David has earned two undergraduate degrees from the University of Georgia and three advanced degrees, including a doctor of philosophy from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to coming to Brook Hills, he served the seminary as dean of chapel and assistant professor of expository preaching and apologetics and was on staff at Edgewater Baptist Church in New Orleans."[1]

  • Kevin Newton - Intellectual and challengingThis book reads like a novel, so it's easy to read, but it's all fact. Follow the story and come to the shocking realization that Balko is making a perfectly legitimate point here. The book is a must have for anybody who truly cares what's happening in American society (and all western societies) with the rapid militarization of our "protectors".