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  • J. Passaniti "J" - Page. Turner.The first night I started into this book, I got about 75 pages in and went to sleep. The next night, I was up until 3:45am. Thank goodness it was a weekend, because I'd have been a zombie at work. It got going and I could NOT put it down. The author is so good at crafting a tense situation, and even though the format is unconventional (the story is re-told to you after it happened, as if she were talking to her therapist), the emotion comes through loud and clear. At times my stomach was in knots from discomfort at what she was going through, but that's just GREAT writing in action.

    I highly recommend it -- two thumbs way, way up.
  • Mike - Great TabletI didn't buy from Amazon as they want way too much for the Prime, but I thought I would share my experience with it so far.

    Pros: It came neatly packaged and when I took it out I was very careful with it. It looked so thin. This thing is thin. I was expecting it to feel somewhat flimsy but it is the exact opposite. Very well built and very sturdy feeling in the hands. It is sleek and fast. Came pre loaded with Android 3.2 but within minutes of having it turned on it wanted to update. The update process took about 10 minutes for the ICS update to complete. It then updated the camera firmware about 5 minutes. WiFi strength is good. Not quite what my laptops are but better than my cell phones. I am happy with it. I can see my neighbors WiFi signals so no complaints. I usually have 3-4 bars throughout my entire house and at work. GPS works decent. It found my location and locked on within 20 seconds on the first time so no complaints there either. Battery life is excellent and the screen is beautiful. ICS lets you disable the stock apps, you cant delete them but once disabled they don't show up or run anymore.

    Cons: I noticed a small amount of light bleed in the bottom left corner when it first booted. It was cold as it had been on the delivery truck all day once it warmed up to room temperature it went away. I had an issue with deleting the pre loaded music and pictures that came installed. I couldn't delete them either with the file manager or with the use of my computer. I searched and it seems to be somewhat of a common problem with the file permissions. The fix was to clear all the data and reset back to original. Worked good and no issues since. So if you are having issues deleting those files do it before load all your apps and info cause you will have to do it again. One speaker, although the sound quality and volume is good.

    Overall its very good super fast sturdy and I like it better than any of the other tablets I tried. I would recommend it to others.
  • John LeGates - Transparancy means successThis book gives us a new tool for evaluating a company's performance and financial prospects: analyzing the CEO's annual letter. It lets us dive into the numbers, the strategies, the execution, the culture and everything else to know about the company from a valuable new angle.

    The book does a thorough job of giving us questions to ask of a CEO's report. The analytical tools for answering those questions are informative and thoughtful, but less than rigorous - perhaps I should say "fortunately less than rigorous". There's room for individual judgment and disagreement about what something means. These tools work better for people with more experience and better instincts - just like other aspects of investing and life. Nonetheless we're all better off if we add them to our thinking.

    As the author points out, at stake here is the connection between transparency and ethics, the relationship between clear language and clear thought and the dangers of erosion of trust. If Rittenhouse' approach becomes a standard part of the investors' toolkit, it might force executives to disclose more honestly, think more clearly, and make better decisions. Bravo!