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  • K M Barnard - The first of a 2 book saga incorporating the story of Nehemiah.A novel based on the biblical story of Nehemiah, with some poetic license, interwoven with other characters, . I couldn't put it down. As a stand alone novel it is a must read, but also made the biblical period in which it is set come alive. I look forward to more Tessa Afshar books. I read the sequel Harvest of Gold immediately.
  • Maryb - So Happy To Find This Book!When I was diagnosed with Chron's, I was so upset. I thought that this was something that I couldn't fix with diet or exercise. Thank goodness this book was recommended to me. My husband and I both read it, and cleared out the kitchen cabinets! We already ate mostly fresh and unprocessed foods, but I needed to ditch the cookies and chocolate and caffeine. I have been on the diet for 4 months, and am so pleased with the results. We have purchased three or four other cookbooks dedicated to SCD as well. No prescription medications and nasty side-effects for me!! For as long as I can I will avoid them, and continue to work towards total healing in a healthy way.