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  • Dorit Glover - Great and HORRIDExcited to use the new hoses. So light and so much easier to handle than the regular garden hoses. The 75 ft hose EXPLODED. I had water pressure at about 30% and was about to shut it off. NOT a happy camper!!!

    The 25ft seems to have fared much better. No problem with the 1st use and I love how light and easy to use it is. It hardly takes any space up at all.
  • S. Rice "Teacher" - Tons better!I suffer from IBS with constipation and HUGE amounts of gas that I couldn't control. I can laugh off a lot but I was getting really distressed as time went on. My doctor advised me to try Align. I had tried yogurt and other probiotics and they worked for awhile and then stopped working. This has helped TONS! I am pretty much regular and don't get near the amount of gas I once did....and I can hold it in! I highly recommend trying this.
  • Tyler M.Bardo - Amazing for positivityJon Gordon hits the nail on the head with this book. Positive energy is the key to all successes. And all successes carry the same weight, none bigger than the other. This book has allowed me to view my work as an educator in the classroom and the basketball court as a true blessing. You learn to understand that this book isn't telling you to accept failure with a positive attitude, but meet and bypass failure with a positive outlook. Reading this book gets you to think about those small parts of life so full of negativity. You've only got one life and only so many opportunities to make a positive impact. Take advantage!!!
  • Richard J. Elgersma - You might not know much about him, and yet he's had a lasting effect on your life.Very descriptive. She kind of makes you wish that Coolidge worked in government right now! There hasn't been Coolidge with his kind of stature In politics for a long time. There are probably a few I suppose, but there are none like him. He proved how successful United States could be as a free people. He was a low taxes, pro creativity in business, Love your family kind of guy, and he Had confidence in the American people. He didn't jostle our money about and yet encouraged generosity And prudence, saving Money religiously, while also encouraging the ability to build, create, and expand.
  • Patrick R. - A must read for readers who enjoy biographies with heart and humor!First off, I am a big fan of Billy Crystal and I followed his career through the years. Needless to say, I am very bias! However, I think this book is very intelligently written and filled with sincerity and honesty.

    I honestly felt that he was in my living room talking directly to me!!! I appreciate all the nuggets of wisdom and wit, which I expected. He has a great deal of loyalty towards all the people that helped him become the comic legend is today. I found myself thoroughly enjoying his personal journey.

    Many times autobiographies, just give the reader or listener the facts in chronological order without giving the reader much personal insight. This book is truly a roadmap of a comic genius!
    Patrick R.