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  • Carol Stevenson "scottish chick" - Saves me a tonne of money and guilt over throwing out loads of empty supermarket seltzer cans and plastic bottles.I got this for a birthday present and it's fantastic! I have been familiar with the SodaStream brand for over 30 years now. They were very popular in the UK in the 70's and early 80's. I was thrilled to see them back again. The machine is easy to use and doesn't take up much counter space. From the reviews I have read here, it seems that getting replacement cartridges are a majour pain for some people. I haven't had that issue yet. I am lucky that I live in a big city where I can get replacement cartridges from my local hardware stores and also Bed Bath and Beyond. I am paying between $16 and $20 for a refill and I find that each cartridge lasts about a month or so. I would say the 60 litre capacity is about right. I love seltzer water and was going through literally 7 to 10 bottles of the stuff per week at a cost of about $1.50 a pop. So this machine is saving me a fortune. I don't bother with the seltzer syrup mixes as I don't really like the taste and it does bother me that they are full of artificial additives. I really love this product!
  • momof3chiquitos - Truly works for intestinal infections!My mom had c diff. for almost 5 months and the only thing that helped her stomach get stronger and back to normal was Align. She had been on other probiotics such as Florastor which made her feel too bloated and made her stomach feel worse. Please keep in mind that it took a good 2- 3 months for Align to completely replenish the good bacteria that c diff had killed in her intestines so patience is needed. She had a bad case of c diff since the doctors didn't diagnose her right away. They gave her a different antibiotic for which they thought was a different bug that was making her sick. Ironically, it was this different antibiotic that made the c diff go almost out of control. I hope this helps!
  • Idiosyncrat - Extremely useful book.This book is a perfect source for secret keys for cryptography. Every time I need a secret key to send a super secret message to my CIA overlords, I just open this book to a random page, and use that. With 600 pages to choose from, it'll be well over a year before I have to reuse any of the pages!
  • Juan Mobili - Great Album, Disappointing EditionI just received my copy of the Remaster/Remix edition of what's certainly a classic album by most standards. Its groundbreaking inventiveness and bold diversity of genres remains relevant today, and can hold its own with any works being released now. Because of that, 5 stars may not even be enough to acknowledge its beauty, power and place in popular music.

    As far as the remastered versions, I'd say that they sound differently enough (brighter, more balanced mixes) to justify their claim.

    Now, if you are, like me, someone who'd order it excited to receive a "special edition" of this masterpiece, you might be significantly disappointed, both by its misleading description and actual return on your monetary investment.

    To begin with, this edition is described (verbatim) as "packaged in a 5 card mailer with the album's artwork screen-printed per the original release." What you get is a CD in a regular jewel box (no additional tracks or versions, by the way) inside of a box replicating the jewel box front cover art (which I predict you'll find annoying to open repeatedly) and, rather than a booklet, accompanied exclusively by a single heavy paper card, once again, replicating the front and back of the box that encases the jewel box.

    I'm still wondering how this could be described as "a 5 card mailer" and how it may be considered a just homage to such important work. Needless to say that paying $14.99 plus taxes and shipping for it, infuriates me. A digital version for under $10 would have been more than enough.
  • luvgrdane - Snowflakes fallVery much worth the wait for it to become available. With Patricia Maclachen's gifts of story telling and wonderful illustrations by Steven Kellogg (who went to that same school), comes a book speaking of moving on, being thankful, joyful, and for the victims, maybe forgiveness. It is a very special book.