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  • "alabasterwoman" - This book is even great for "Agnostics"I was somewhat apprehensive about this book, as I didn't consider myself a very "religious" person and felt it would be "too preachy"... I found, however, that the entire thing is written with respect for EVERYONE'S spiritual beliefs, does NOT preach, and provides those who participate in the exercises a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand the inner Self. I like the fact that the tasks are specific (not vague, "do whatever" things), that the exercises challenge you to take a few moments each day to actually take care of Yourself, and that what you discover about yourself is helpful -- on many levels. You HAVE to stay committed to the process -- no "fudging", no quitting along the way -- but the results are worth the effort. It's okay to nurture yourself; and you can do that without being "selfish" or "egotistical"... It's a great book.
  • Geo "Real Music Lover" - Funny Man, a life like a jazz tune!Respect, respect, respect! You'll come away with it. At the same time schedule a doctors appointment before you read this as you will have a mysterious pain in your side by the end of the book- from laughter---Enjoy-I did!