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  • Ann L. Stanaway - All that glitters is not gold!Easy upgrade. Comes with drivers compatible with remote devices as well as those onboard. I was surprised when my Logitech remote keyboard/mouse worked fine throughout the upgrade. Nice convenience. I did eventually install the Logitech setpoint software, but did not hassle until after all my Windows updates and anti-virus software were installed. Windows 8 may look a bit different at first glance, but don't be fooled! Under the hood, it's still the same system32, I-x86, DOS based leviathan we techies all love to hate! As a 30-year veteran of the industry, I can say "ho, hum, Microsoft!".
  • Jenna Miller - Best moisturizer ever! I finally have a glow to my skin!I LOVE this moisturizer. I have tried everything from drugstore products to department store products to pricey creams like Dr. Perricone...but hope in a jar is the best! It is light and absorbs quickly. My skin is clear, smooth, and finally has the healthy glow I've always wanted. I LOVE the scent. It smells fresh, clean, and natural, with a base of Lavender....which is one of my favorite scents. I guess some people either just don't like the scent of lavender, don't appreciate NATURAL fragrances or have never smelled lavender before, by reading the reviews. I love the scent, so for me, it's the icing on the cake. This moisturizer is perfect! (And I consider myself to have sensitive skin) Love, love, love!!!
  • George W. "GW" - Music sounds better when using this cableI recently bought a few of these cables and began using them. The first thing I noticed was how much fluffier and better the cable was than normal cables. Upon breaking a piece off and loading it into my pipe, the cable had a strong skunky smell. When I finally lit the cable, It hit me with an intense wave, which immediately affected my auditory senses... Everything sounded much fuller and much more interesting. I would recommend this cable for smokers everywhere....
  • RaxterRiley - So easy to maneuver!I was so torn between this stroller and the City Mini Double 2011. The 2012 version is just too expensive for us. Anyway, we tried out both strollers in the store. The City Mini and the Britax both maneuver very well, I am not that big of a person and can easily maneuver both strollers with just one hand (with my 40 and 30 pound children in the stroller). I have a bad back and neither stroller hurt to push, so that was a big deal to me. Both fit through standard doors which is nice. I love that the sun shades are individual and fully cover your baby. Opening and closing the stroller is a snap. It is pretty light considering it's a double stroller (it's under 30 pounds).

    Here are the things I like about the Britax over the City Mini. The basket storage is so much easier to access than the City Mini. You can get in from the back, from either side, or through one of the two zippers in the front. I could easily go through my diaper bag and get what I wanted through the front zippers. I like that the handle bar is adjustable, it is very helpful because my husband is a foot taller than me.

    The only thing I don't like is that you have to buy all of the accessories separately. My old double stroller was close to half the price and came with two adult cup holders, a zipper pouch on top, and a tray for both children that held a drink and a snack. It's ridiculous to me that you have to buy these separately. But that seems to be the case for all "nicer" strollers so that's not just this one in particular.

    All in all, it's a great double stroller and I am very happy with my purchase!