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  • brownie - The Artist's Way is a great way to go...You're standing on a sloping hill in the middle of the woods. You are awed by the brilliant green canopy of the many tall trees that surround you. Five, maybe ten different species of birds are calling overhead, flitting about in the underbrush. The air is refreshing, the moment almost exhilarating.

    There are only three problems: 1) you're hungry and thirsty; 2) you have no paper or pen! and 3) You have a choice of several paths to take. You've taken a few, in fact, and they've all led you back to this place. You now have no idea which of the paths will lead you to the place where you can be living what you believe in, creating the art/work and co-creating the life you are meant to live.

    Just then, something tells you to sit down. You sit. "Look around you." ("Huh?" you think. "Looking around is all I've been doing. Duh." You look around anyway. And find this book.

    The Artist's Way.

    It is the beginning -- of new questions, new answers to old ones, new ways, new ways of seeing. One more chance to give it a go -- to live your own life. Your way and God's way may finally become one! You have found The Artist's Way. Now you can find YOUR way...
  • brittlestar - Comprehensive Med school InfoThis book gives you the overall view of all the medical schools in the US as well as Canada. It includes the general requirements, range and average MCAT scores of the accepted class of 2005 and also characteristics of student body. Very useful for those who are doing research on where to apply.
  • Lorraine Souza - I Love Kinectics - Especially Kinectimals!My grandson is five, and granddaughter eight. Both of them were able to choose their particular pet and my grandson liked the panther, and granddaughter the leopard. I bought the Kinectics sensor so that the kids would get up and move around instead of sitting on the couch. Everyone in the family from ages 55 to 5 have tried Kinectics games and ended up getting such a good workout we were sweating. It is the opposite of becoming a couch potato.

    This game in particular evoked creativity and interest in animals, better than I had hoped. So far, my grandson has played with the game for days and has become quite enamored with "his pet". This encourages a love for animals, a viewpoint children rarely see unless they live on a nature preserve. The game seems well attuned to smaller bodies, and although it takes some getting used to as with any game controller, it works. I remember trying to get used to all the game controls with the original controller with the "A", "X", and joystick controls. This is much easier in my opinion. In essence, this type of game is in a category of its own and I would highly recommend both the Kinectics sensor, and the Kinectimals game.
  • Barbara Brodersen - Great travel guideIt is very concise and easy to follow. He has great recommendations complete with the best passes to purchase and best and most efficient times to visit each place. It is small and easy to carry in travel bag or pocket. Good tips about over pricing on foods and also warns about pick-pockets, etc.