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  • Bruce S. Phung - Very good NIS 2012I have NIS 2011 and I received an email notification is that I am being charged $75.59 for NIS 2012 auto renewal. I was freak out because I did not want to pay that much for this program and of course I quickly turned off auto renewal. Lession learnt, do not do auto renewal because Norton will slamed you with full price where you can find a better deal like 50% discount on Amazon or even on their (Norton Website. Norton support is very impressive to say the least because I was able to talk to a live persion withing 10 minutes of waiting on the phone. I told him I would like to cancel my subscription. He asks me why. I told him it is to expensive and I can get it for 1/2 price. So he offered me two choice, 1) is to extend the licsense for two years or 2) refund 1/2 price. I accept the two years licsense and he updated my subscription to 776 day total.

    I have to say NIS 2012 is well improved and I really like the new interface. I did a full scan where NIS 2012 found 54 items on my computer where the NIS 2011 did not catch it. Over all I am very pleased with NIS 2012. Higly recommand.
  • Shawty27 - Samsung Tab2 10.1I really love this product. I haven't purchased the product as yet but I am contemplating. Would I be able to go on facebook? Can someone please give me the steps as to downloading archive adobe flash. I would really like to know that I could look at movies in my pleasure. This seems like a great buy anyways. Thanks much in advance for comments.

    I love everything about the tablet expect the following:
    . There is no USB port for flashdrive, hence I will have to purchase a OTG USB Kit to use to transfer data
    . The tablet does not have adobe flash player to watch certain movies.
    . If I am on Facebook etc and I wand to listen movie form youtube the page that is facebook is on will blanket out and youtube comes on. Long story short, you cannot be on facebook and listen music at the same time.
    . The battery doesn't last that long especially when watching a movie or playing songs.

    I would recommend this product to anyone. Great product as a gift. A case is recommended to put the tablet in to keep the tablet in good condition.
  • Angie H - Psycho all the way!Without giving any spoilers I have to say this is a great read! The biggest issue I have read that people have with this book is the ending. I've got to say I initially did not like it either. However, when I thought about it it had a creepy twilight zone, psycho feel to it. If it were a movie I'd imagine the final scene with the camera zooming out and the psycho theme playing.
  • MohaMAD - Mitt's BinderThank you, thank you my fellow Americans and, or course women. Eight months ago when I began my mission to be the future President of the United States' personal binder I knew, without a doubt, I was in the right hands. Today I express my gratitude for Mitt allowing me on this national stage. From my "white" plastic cover to my secure metal binder rings I share your appreciation for my contents. Within me there are pictures and names of women whom I'm sworn to never disclose to Ann Lois. To her my contents are the Golden Tablets. Golden Tablets never to seen by women but I, the official "White" binder, assure you no women photographed, photo shopped, undressed in my pages ever said NO to Mitt. Not one woman said, "Mitt, I have to leave to cook my family's dinner. Not one women with a 48 and above chest size said I am under paid. Not one woman in these pages want personnel birth control paid as a health insurance benefit. Every woman contained within my "White" binder covers agrees with everything Mitt allows them to agree with. One more thing, I personally wish to thank Mitt for having select few "Qualified" women. Without this courtesy I would be replaced by a Chinese IPad counterfeit. My name's Mitt's Binder - purchase me.