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  • NotTheOnlyFan - UPDATE: Still works 14 months later, 5 STARSThe grilling world is a debate between charcoal and gas. I've got news for both sides, and this is gonna kinda suck: electric tastes better.

    Why? THINK ABOUT IT. Is charcoal ash a common condiment, beside salt and pepper? Nope. Does butane really get you excited to eat a burger? Not me.

    Electric REMOVES these peculiar flavors and allows the flavor of the item and marinade to stand alone. This is ideal.

    Another ideal is being able to plug in a grill to get it started. No bags of charcoal, no checking to see if you have enough gas in the tank. If you're not in a brown out, you're ready to go. Turning off the grill is as easy. Virtually no cleanup. (I'll get to that in a bit.)

    So let's start from the beginning. As some have noted, the grill requires assembly. These people are whiners. I'm by no means 'good' with assembling things. My toolbox is literally a cardboard box with tools in it. Okay? I panic at the very idea of IKEA. But if you've had success assembling IKEA stuff, you'll be able to pull this off. With time and patience. If not, I'm sure you know someone you can pay $20 to assemble this. It's not THAT bad.

    I've owned smaller table top electric grills in the past. What's wrong with them is that they offer non-stick surfaces, as if that's wise or a convenience. In every case the grill gunks up for good within a year and is unusable. The Bistro, on the other hand, has a grill you can scrape with a $4 brush just like a real grill. I was afraid of cleanup. Now I love it. I takes about 20 seconds of work. BIG DEAL.

    The surface area is best for a couple or small gathering. If you have 20 people to feed, simply too small. I had three couples over recently, with a pile of veggies and 7 skewers of meat. It took three waves. So be patient.

    The heating is the most oddball part of this. It runs its hottest at first. As you continue grilling, it seems to take longer to re-heat up to HOT after you've opened the top. The book advises you keep the top as closed as often as possible, and I agree. It's the dome that raises the heat, not the heating element. Make sense?

    But -- so far -- we LOVE this grill. My only concern is that the electric element is exposed below the grill. So like a piece of something can fall on it and immediately vaporize. But is that a good thing? I see the same element in my dishwasher, and so I guess they can take abuse. But should they?

    FOUR STARS now, FIVE if the element is working THE SAME a year from now.

    Happy grilling.

    UPDATE: 14 months later. Still works like a charm. Upgraded to 5 Stars!
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  • Nick L. - MyMathLab is severely flawed, but...Lets face it, if you are looking to purchase MyMathLab (MML,) it likely means that you're a student, and it is a requirement from your professor/university. MML is great in theory. It is reasonably easy to set up, has a multitude of controllable aspects for the professor to manage, and may even help you better understand mathematics. That being said, it is not perfect. sometimes it hangs, the UI isn't that great, utilizing the online version of the book is such a pain in the rear that its probably worth buying the real book as well... but if you're looking for just the online code, Amazon is the least expensive place to purchase it, that I've found, and the code DOES WORK from my experience. If you look at the dates of all the poor reviews for the code not working, you'll note that they were from several years ago. I believe MML has fixed whatever issue plagued those older viewers.

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  • Kristin Pangallo - get the data and start a conversationI loved this book. Not because I agree with all of the conclusions that the author came to. Not because I like to go against the medical establishment. Not because I am wild and generally don't worry about things in life.

    In fact, I'm pretty darn cautious. Especially when pregnant.

    I loved this book because the author dove deep into the scientific literature, rounded up the studies on a huge variety of topics, sorted through them, and presented what the scientists had found. Then she stated her own conclusions, often also provided the differing conclusions of her friends, and always provided how the medical establishment (usually the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, or ACOG) interpreted the results.

    Through out she was explicit with her reasoning, criteria, and (perhaps most importantly) putting the numerical risk estimates into context. I say most importantly, because it is easy to forget that nothing we do is without risk. Nothing. And knowing and understanding the relative risks of the choices your are considering is the only way to make a sound, evidence-based choice. And, for those of us who also enjoy reading a good scientific paper (we do exist), she provides all the citations. In other words, to paraphrase Levar Burton, "You don't have to take [her] word for it."

    The point of this book, as the author makes very clear, is to help women become educated and informed in order to have productive conversations with their care provider about their choices during pregnancy. If you use this book in that way, to become more informed and be able to ask sound questions and evaluate the risk estimates you receive during your pregnancy, you will be doing yourself and your baby very well.

    This book is NOT telling you what to think. It is NOT a substitute for conversations with your medical care provider. It is NOT a better resource than the guidelines provided by ACOG. But is a wonderful addition to what is currently available to pregnant women.
  • Sukru Tikves - Installation takes effort, but the end result is worth itThis is a very fast solid state drive. It's the first SATAIII SSD I tested - the previous ones were at 200MB/s - and there really is noticeable difference. The disk monitoring software I used reported an average of 300MB/s throughput when system was in use (parallel reads), and 492MB/s at maximum (as the system is idle). The only problem is the difficulty of installation, but it's not Crucial's fault.

    Crucial did not provide a mounting bracket, nor data transfer software with the drive. While I had both available, I realized moving a Windows 8 EFI based system is more difficult than necessary.

    (If you're going to do a clean install you can skip this next two paragraphs:)

    The new Windows 8 EFI partition layout is not for sane people. The free and licensed software I tried would not clone the partition properly. They either would refuse to do it, or the resulting copy would not boot. Manually building/cloning them using diskpart and wbadmin did not work either.

    My solution was as follows: I used the "CloneZilla" USB bootdisk to clone my C: drive, but I installed a "dummy" version of Windows 8 on the SSD first to make sure the boot is working. Then I when back to actually migrate the C: data. No other tool worked properly.


    Overall it's a fast and reliable drive. The monitoring software reported 16 automated examinations in the drive log. This means, while the physical SSD technology is not as reliable as the old style HDDs, yet, the advanced drive firmwares will now better detect and prevent failures. Yet, it's still a very good idea to keep backups.

    If you're replacing your laptop drive, or trying to make your desktop faster (like mine), this is a great choice. It's not easy but the end result is very satisfactory.