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  • joetagaz "joetagaz" - Made my Dumb TV Smart!I have a Sony Bravia Smart TV in the family room that can access Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, etc. but none of my other TVs can access that content so if you want to stream something you have to use that TV - not always convenient.
    Enter the Roku 3 - problem solved.

    Installation was simple, hook it up, go to a website to set up your account and you're done. Note - the Roku 3 will only work with a HDTV via HDMI; they have other models for older TVs.

    Using the Roku is easy. While having a lot of content is a feature it's also a bit of a nightmare but that might just be the way we're trained. Without Roku you'd turn on your TV, bring up the guide, scroll through it to find something to watch and, in many cases, just pick the best of what is shown. With the Roku you really need to have a fairly good idea of what you want to watch or you'll be scrolling through thousands of options. I'm catching up on shows that went by the wayside for one reason or another. I can also see myself enjoying reruns of old favorite movies and TV programs.

    I already had a Netflix and Amazon Prime (which gives me Instant Video) accounts. I signed into those accounts with no problem. Most of what I've watched has been through one of those two but I'm about to start a one month free Hulu Plus account to see what that's all about.

    I tried the Roku out on a small and very cheap Sylvania television (720p) and the picture and audio are as good as the high def. channels coming through my cable. Programs load quickly (Amazon is much faster than Netflix) and I haven't seen any skips, pauses, etc.

    Others point to this device as one step to cutting the cable. No question that the Roku would be a must-have if that's your ultimate goal.
  • S. M. Petrus - By far my favorite WEN product! Better than shampoo!I switched to WEN six thirteen several months ago in an attempt to repair the damage to my hair. I have thin wavy hair that I dye every 6 to 8 weeks (I'm naturally a brunette who was meant to be a blonde). Other than that I don't use hot irons or anything, but my hair was so dry and damaged, it felt like hay (and didn't look much better). Over a period of about 6 months I used every conditioner, treatment, mask I could find to try and repair my hair. But by the time I got it to look half way nourished It was time to dye it again. I started using WEN and within the week my hair felt so soft and looked fantastic!! I bought the mango over the summer, as it was a seasonal item. It smells amazing. I love coconut mango anything, and this was just what the doctor ordered. I usually order from QVC, but since this isn't available in the winter i decided to give amazon a try. glad I did. I bought 2 bottles!! In case you are wondering, this one is my favorite, six thirteen is also good. I just bought the winter vanilla mint to try and love that too. It's tingly like the 6-13 but smells way better. I didn't care for any of the other kinds. I know it sounds like an infomercial, but I will never go back to shampoo again! I can't, my hair won't let me!
  • Joey C - Tried the rest, SweatBlock is the best...for meI have always had sweaty pits...stained many a tee shirt and dress shirt. About 15 years ago I found Maxim...sweaty pits gone, but it was irritating. Small price to pay to be dry, I thought Have tried (in no particular order): Drysol, Odaban, Perspirex, Driclor and Sweatblock. I found all them to work, but Sweatblock is the only one that doesn't cause irritation. Plus, for me, Sweatblock is the most convenient. I have been using for many years, I apply Sunday and Monday (using the same wipe) and I'm good for the week. I travel often, and the individual packaged towelettes are convenient to take along. My tee shirts are no longer stained and I wear colored shirts without worry. Thanks to Sweatblock...
  • Bonnie Bowerman "Musician/Educator" - We have three in the family already!Love the convenience of not needing the computer to download. The readablilty is great because of the no backlight technology and the ability to change font size is great for aging eyes. NO PICKING UP THE WALL STREET JOURNAL OFF THE FLOOR every day! How "green" is that? All my books are with me at once for whatever mood I am in to read. Saves shelf space and organizing.
    Thank you Amazon!

  • Celeste - Hairmax made my hair grow fasterIf you are trying to grow your hair longer, than this product works!!!
    My sister purchased the hairmax 2 years ago for her hair that was thinning around her face. It seemed to work for her so I borrowed it for 2 months maybe a little more. My hair is not thin and I am in my mid-30's. I was interested in trying to grow out a really bad haircut. I used it three times per week on average. Some weeks I just forgot to use it! I used it on my scalp when it was clean and dry. After each use, my scalp would tingle and sometimes itch a little. I get relaxers in my hair to tame the curl, so it is very easy for me to gauge how much my hair is growing. I noticed a considerable amount of hair growth in a very short amount of time. Particularly at the crown of my head towards the back. My hair thins around the face, like my sister and it grew as well, but not as much.
    Sometimes I convinced my husband to use it (male patterned baldness). I didn't notice any difference for him, but since his usage was not consistent, I cannot vouch for the claims to re-grow hair.

    If you are looking for something to increase your length, then I highly recommend.