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  • Jacqueline - 6 weeks strong and Feeling Great!I purchased this product originally and much to my dismay it didn't work the best right out of the gate. I felt fine but I didn't really lose any weight. But I told myself that I'm finally going to stick with something and so I did and I'm happy to say that after about a month I really started seeing results. Now my workouts have gotten longer and my appetite has suppressed dramatically. No midnight cravings and no more Mcdonalds. So now I Just finished my 6th week and I have lost a total of 22 lbs. More importantly as some of the other reviews mentioned, I feel great. I can finally fit into some of those high school jeans. All I can say is get through that first 2 weeks and it gets better. It's been a life changer for me.
  • Janet H "Janet" - quickenloved this quicken for our computer for downloading our bank statement etc. Nixce at the end of the year, I can print out the medical etc. to get ready for taxes! Quicken is a must.
  • David M. Burtch - Fantastic bookJust like Killing Kennedy and Lincoln, this is an amazing history book. This brings the details of life in Israel during the time of Jesus including the oppression of the Romans. The new testament is now much more understandable when you understand what else is going on during this time frame- politically, socially, and spiritually. An amazing book.