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  • Christine Holzmann "Music junkie" - EXCELLENT!I honestly don't know how I would be able to manage my business without Quickbooks. Apart from being my main (only) business accounting/invoicing/budgeting/reporting/time tracking (I can go on!) program, I find that it also serves as my one-stop project-management centre. Everything within QB is also SUPER-SPEEDY and each little detail is very easy to track down, thanks to the lightning-fast search features. THANK you Intuit for a truly terrific program!
  • Christopher - Don't take these reviews lightly, it's for real!After a few weeks of progressively worsening abdominal pain, I decided to go to my doctor and see what was up. He diagnosed me with terminal liver cancer and gave me only about 3 months to live. This was quite a shock to me, but the next day I decided I would really live life, whatever was left of it. So the first thing I decided to do was to get the 3 wolves one moon shirt because I had always wanted one but couldn't really afford it. I was so excited about my decision to buy it and *really* felt like I was about to get the most awesome piece of clothing that ever existed.

    Now here is where it gets really amazing... It was not but 3 minutes after I bought the shirt online that an armored truck delivered it to my door. A man dressed like Neo from the Matrix handed me an unlabeled black box. It was quite warm especially for a cool January afternoon--almost like fresh baked bread. When I opened the box, a faint, yet noticeable flash of light filled the room, and I immediately began to breath very heavily as if I was running hard, but I did not feel fatigued. I put on my new shirt, it was warm and conformed to my body quite well. It was at that moment that I realized the chronic pain in my abdomen had stopped and my posture had improved tremendously. The mass in my upper abdomen had disappeared! I went to my doctor's office, and he confirmed that I had been miraculously healed!

    A few days later, I discovered I could speak 4 new languages: Spanish, Japanese, Irish and braille. Braille!? Seriously? I thought that was only for blind people. But I could. Not only that, but it seemed almost every girl I came across wanted to get to know me better...and when I say better, I mean "better". Also, I found that I could drink way more Miller High Life than anyone in my town, and that's saying a whole lot. All of my friends are really jealous of me now, but hey, when you got the Shirt of shirts, it's just what happens. Too bad for them, they can't afford it or just don't believe in its powers.

    So don't believe for a minute that the powers of this shirt are just a big hoax. IT ISN'T, IT'S FOR REAL! If you're sick, you'll be healed. If you're a dork, you'll be cool. Read all the other reviews out there that confirm it. And if you do decide to get the shirt, just be prepared to face a whole lot of haters in your town when you score with all the hot chicks while all the haters are left hanging like a wet towel.
  • Yannos D. Misitzis "Yannos" - I think I've seen you people on Yelp!Whenever I see a low rating for a restaurant on Yelp, I go ahead and look at the reasons for people's marking them down. I don't really think "the waiter had a cold," "the music was too loud," or "I went to a wings place and the nachos were awful" are valid criteria to measure the food...

    I understand that people are disappointed/mad. I am DEFINITELY disappointed/mad. But the game is FANTASTIC! It's a brilliant update of the core game and genre to current-day parameters. The ambitions to create a shared experience is something I always wanted to see in SC4, and the ability to manage some (or all) of the cities in a region is exactly what I loved doing in that older iteration (one town for dirty industry, one for tech, one for dense commercial, etc.).

    Origin/EA has done a mortifying job unrolling a very ambitious project. Surely they should provide all who purchased the game ahead-of-time some sort of consolation, even if it's just token in size. Upgrade us all to deluxe, or give us credits to buy future DLC. Anything!

    HAVING SAID THIS: I feel terrible for everyone who made this game and has worked to get the servers optimized. How affected are our lives, really? The creators and administrators (not to mention the PR reps) are A) pariahs to the entire gaming community, B) working as hard as they can to fix the problems (albeit way too little, too late) C) soon to be out of a job (some will be black-sheeped for it all, of course). Again, what is that pain against our minor-to-moderate annoyance?

    Long-winded way to say: Please rate the game, not the way the launch has gone. Creative criticism would speak so much louder than this double-barreled hatred.
  • The Philosopher - Phenomenal book.This is a fantastic book. I have read "The Game" and "Double Your Dating" and "Mystery Method" as well as some others on the topic of meeting and attracting women.

    Most are good and you will no doubt learn something, but this book is different. It teaches you all the finer points of traditional "game" (outter game), but more importantly it teaches you become the best you you can become. It changes your outlook and perspective completely and for the better. You will have an easy time reaching your highest levels of confidence with the guidance of this book.

    It's lengthy but it's hands down the best book on the subject I've yet to read. This book should be given to every man at the age of 16.