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  • Emmalou "emmalou" - It will change your life if you let itA very dear friend bought this for me - Nakissa if you read this get in touch! - and the book changed my life. I am a journalist by profession, but thought that I didn't have the right to write my own stories, only other people's. Well this book transformed all that, made me see where I had been blocked and all the internal baggage about what 'being creative' meant, that I had been carrying around without realising! Once I got clear of all that I started taking my dream of being an author and my creative impulses seriously, thanked the Creator for blessing me with this gift and I am now working seriously on my first novel. It's been a long time coming but I WILL get there. Thanks Julia.
  • Eugenia Siza - Pocket Drug Guide for NursesI like the book, but it is a lot thicker than the 2005 version that I have, probably more drugs are out now. More indexes added but they left out the ones I liked in the 2005 version.
  • Lynda Lowman "book yenta" - XMAS in JULY!What can I say? I'm married to a gun-nut! And he loves to pour over the Digest. He practically slobbers & drools when paging thru them. He swears by the info included and is constantly showing me items he thinks I would love. I do have to say for a non-gun person like myself; when I DO want some info, the digest is laid out very logically. Even I can find what I'm looking for. And the pictures are great. Some folks save Nat'l Geographics. We have a special shelf for Gun Digests!