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  • J. Kalina "Reading Enthusiast" - Voyager by Diana GabaldonVoyager is the third in a series of six, commonly known as The Outlander Series. It is an original story and Diana Gabaldon has an incredible gift! Her writing style places you in the story, the details are such that you feel everything that is going on within the story. This collection is a remarkable tail of Claire, a nurse from 1945 and Jamie, a Highlander from 1746. The story is not your typical romance novel...It is much more, and it offers a great escape into a world that contains History (fictional), love, passion, death, murder, betrayal, adventure, and political intrigue!

    I recommend all of her books.
  • Rehan K. - Great Tablet...with ICS Update in a week's time !!I have had this Tablet for a week now and I must say I am extremely satisfied with this device. I have been waiting for months for this and I think I did the right thing. The wifi issues that have been talked greatly about is really not a big bother at all. At most, you would see 1 bar less than what you will on other devices and with Asus clearly saying now that this is not intended to be a true GPS device, that issue is laid to rest as well (I will never buy a tablet for GPS etc. anyway).

    The tablet itself is very responsive, excellent build and with Asus now delivering ICS update on Jan. 12th and promising the Boot Loader unlocker Tool as well, this thing is winner.

    An 8mm Quad Core ICS Tablet....We should be all set for some time I think.
  • Ritaaa - Mathew Hussey Rocks!!I stumbled upon one of his videos about 6 months ago and I have been hooked ever since! His advice is spot on and he is easy on the eyes and ears as well. I am half way through the book and already am sharing all the good advice with my girlfriends!! Now if I can get Mathew to come to florida for a seminar I would be in heaven! Ladies you need to get this book and share all the great insights to the male mind with your besties. :)
  • Georgia D. Reid - freshens and smells greatI sprayed the couch, linens, and the dog with this after my dog was getting over a flea problem. It seemed to prevent them from coming back. I also sprayed it directly on a tick on my dog and the tick died eventually! It is non toxic and smells really good (the clove scent is particularly strong - smells a bit Christmasy - so if you like clove you will like this product). I am glad I found this safe product for my pet and home.