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  • Barbara A. Huyser - A Binder Full of MenI've been so impressed by the comments made by the reviewers and the endorsement by Mitt Romney. Hey, if it's good enough for a presidential candidate, who am I to question it? It gave him every female resource he needed to run the state of Massachusetts, so it must have been awesome!

    What's needed is a companion product that I would call "A Binder Full of Men". I'm currently doing some hiring and would like to have the opportunity to implement Governor Romney's methodology for the masculine gender. It would be so much more efficient if I could call down to human resources and just have them send up a binder full of men.

    That way, I could close my office door and closely examine their qualifications. I could give them careful, personal, and detailed attention. When my employees knock on my door, I'll just tell them to go away, I'm busy hiring.
  • DrCs - Very useful publication, every web savvy medical professionals and patients need one!This book should not be missing on any doctor's bookshelf! In today's world this is a niche publication.
    Just now started to teach this discipline in some medical universities, so if you have finished your studies, after your degree that is a good chance to be up-to-date!
    Not just for medical professionals, but also for (e-) patients!
  • S. Tyler - WORDS CANT EXPRESS!!!I picked up this book without reading the synopsis in the back just because of the author. She is just 'THAT' good. There is an honesty about her characters and emotions that lets you go deeper and not just skim the surface. She doesnt beat around the bush but gets to the heart of the matter and you are involved in the story from the very first line until the end. You hate for the book to end because the stories and personalities are just that binding. Nalini Singh will NEVER disappoint you in delivering a drama that makes you want to crawl into the story and become the character yourself and when you come out, she makes you want more from your own life. Looking forward to ANYTHING she writes. I will be the first in line to purchase, site unseen. I dont need to know what the book is about, all I need to know is that she wrote it and I will be guaranteed one of the best reads of my life. Thanks Nalini for a most entertaining 2 days. It would have been hours but I had to sleep and go to work but your writing is so profound that I didnt want to do either. The anticipiation of the next page keeps your turning at all hours of the day and night.